Blended Februari 2016 nr. 1 - Page 33

1 2 BLENDED PP: Theory U, in one of your videos, you are emphasizing on selfknowledge. Does it mean that change can be learned, self-learning and the object of learning something which needs to be incorporated in the education you 21st century skills? Foundation of the new curriculum of lifelong learning starts at early age - the dimension of self-knowledge. You cannot teach me who I am, you have to go through a process to understand and which puts you out there. You have to engage in the way. Creates different educational areas. Allows you to connect with self-knowledge, create environment that enables them to progress in that journey. SS: What inspired you to write the book, Theory U? 33 Veranderpraktijk 1 OS: Being engaged in late 1970, nuclear power plant, green movement, peace movement, civil rights movements in Eastern Europe grass root movement those movements where anyone who participates will know that what is mobilizing in this is any of these is shared sense of future of past and intuitive understanding of what future might look like. OS: Absolutely, that is the major foundation of the curriculum that is emerging and it is also the foundation of lifelong learning. It starts early age so the interesting thing is the dimension of selfknowledge. Each individual has to go through profound process of personal growth. Theory U needs to be more acceptable. We are at an earlier stage of profound shift. Presencing and shifting of deeper mindset, fundamentalism and closed mind. The line between absenting and presencing calls for knowing who you are and follow the journeys. Theory U: Emphasizing, discovering yourself, selfknowledge. AT WORK Theory U is about the travel of the soul of individuals and organizations. Change is not a prescription but a collaborative effort to execute ambitions made together. Pim Pollen