Blended Februari 2016 nr. 1 - Page 31

3 1 2 BLENDED development and going through a process of change that outsiders are forcing onto you. Theory U allows you different options through which you can respond and also links these methods with a set of tools that helps you in getting there. PP: Lot of people in the healthcare and education they are not just looking at healthcare in itself, they are trying to position education as well as healthcare as a movement of innovation, wellbeing which is much more important than education and healthcare in itself? OS: If you have been looking at the area of health and education, I have done some projects from where my takeaway is that particularly health care and education have been going through the same three stages of development and moving to the fourth one. The three stages that education and healthcare is going through are: 1. Authority, institution and input centric: where the teacher, position, administration is kind of center of the universe. 2. Going through the evidences which is more outcome centric, where the outcome is to look at the main Federer of organizing these systems of teaching for testing or the metrics around that in the education, evidence based medicine and other elemental factors which reshape. 31 AT WORK Veranderpraktijk 1 Once you are inside you see there are many negative side effects particularly in E \