ATISING HEALTH L PREJUDICE WORLDWIDE Aby Odusola , integration, autonomy, a true perception ionships and environmental adaptability. nd untouched by life’s challenges, it is also ng a wholesome life takes some doing and e who are floundering due to no fault of l disorders are perceived have widely dif- ects which has further hindered a general ions and discouraged any hope of full re- nternet has alarmingly created a surge in cyber bullying and other forms of mass et and media. More victims that fall prey et” victims who unfortunately battle their ing shunned or misunderstood. They get obvious in their daily interactions, then the disdain from strangers and pity from f these negatively reinforce their ill health ngst a lot of people, but it doesn’t need to of the stigma”- Prince Harry. World Health Organization (WHO) just ve the goal of the Comprehensive Mental this plan will be feasible if there are com- nce with mental health policies, laws and b society’s excesses with the interference of cultural and religious beliefs in diagnoses and treatment of the mentally ill, bringing the global society to heel with one grand plan. However this may be viewed, mental challenges have been proven to be successfully combated only in a stigma-free environment and with positive reinforcement and support. There is an active campaign by mental health organizations and so-themed NGOs that calls for a collective responsibility that includes everyone, even people who may not suffer from the condition. The aim is preventive, to build a stable and safe community where victims can get proper help and others who develop symptoms find their way back to normalcy. In spite of all these developments, the psychological battle for wellness gets more challenging every day. Robin Williams was an American comedian and actor who spent a great part of his life giving joy to others with his craft and eventually lost the battle to depression in 2014. Beyonce, the most accom- plished woman in popular music talks about her struggles with depression, Lady Gaga struggles with depression and anxiety, Jennifer Lawrence, Sia, J.K Rowling, Mel B and several others. Male celebrities like Prince Harry, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Logic amongst many others are also unceasingly vocal about the dangers of stigma and the need to create a healthier mental environment. As much as a mentally healthy environment is a collective responsibility, so are mental health struggles an individual’s challenge. Some face way more than they let on. The key to declaring war against the stigma is to share that bur- den, spread love and positivity and keep the conversation open. The future is brighter than we’d hoped. 27 / BLANCKLITE / OCT 2018 /