Blanck Magazine 5 - Page 64

Career wise- what is happening now? Are we going to see you two in a movie together soon? Dami: Everything is going well. Right now, we don’t have any plans of doing any movies together we’ve done quite a few of that. I currently have a TV show running called before “Before 30” and it talks about 4 Nigerian women who happen to be best friends and the issues that they face trying to get married before they turned 30. The story is told through my eyes, I’m the lead character known as Temilola Cole. There are also a few projects that I have worked on in the past that are yet to be released. There are also a few more personal projects that I’m working on at the moment. So for those complaining that I’ve been off the scene for too long- I’m back bigger and stronger. There’s also a few other project that Chris is also working on. There’s quite a bit of works in the pipeline from the both of us. We will keep doing what we know how to do best. Are there any pressures to present yourselves as celebrity couples with reference to the likes of Kimye, Jay-z and Beyonce? Dami: Honestly No! We like to keep our relationship as private as possible. Especially in this side of the world. Things are different here. We just don’t see the need to go with that kind of PR structure. It all boils down to what people want. We are more of a private couple and prefer to keep our linens to ourselves. Plus our money in nothing compared to theirs and that’s really not a priority for us. The truth remains that we are a celebrity couple and once in a while will need to let our fans in on our personal sides- yes we can do that once in a while but to go full on… nah no pressure there. 64 | BLANCK MAGAZINE | MAY 2015 Damilola, talk to us about motherhood. What’s different now? Motherhood is such an amazing feeling. It is a really amazing journey. You start from getting pregnant and having an ‘alien’ take over your whole body for almost a year and then you finally get to meet him. It’s such an interesting feeling. It’s also interesting to see the tiny creature grow into such a beauty. It is surreal to see your baby grow, smile at you, become independent- I pray that every woman who longs for this experience will be blessed. I feel that every woman should experience this at least for once in t