Blanck Magazine 5 - Page 62

When and why did you guys decide to make it official? Chris: I think that one, it was the right timing, two, we had been through a lot of ups and downs and had decided that it wasn’t really happening, but a couple of months after we both realised that may be we just couldn’t go on without each other. I remember that I personally was already gone but she literally stopped me in my tracks and I had no choice but to notice. The much older and mature person in me, noticed the wonderful woman that I watched grow up from being a girl to becoming a woman and then being pregnant and giving birth to life. I knew immediately that it was time to make this official. It was time to let her know that from this time on we are going on together as a family. She is no doubt the most important woman in my life. Two beautiful and sort after celebrities in a Union, are there any form of silent competition between you two? Chris: (Laughs) well, I can’t say for sure but even if that were the case we would learn to deal with it. We’ve had variations or rather different times in our lives as well as in the relationship were she would be getting different gigs and I would be like ‘woooooshhhh! I don’t see it as competition, whatever it is between us is healthy. There is no competition in our world, this is a union and as a union we are all on the same team. It will be very hard to compete with your own team member- you are definitely not going to succeed in the end. I admire her a lot and like I said earlier, this woman is an amazingly talented actress. Dami: No there’s nothing of such. Chris and I don’t have that type of relationship. We completely support each other. We are each other’s biggest fans. We are a team now, so there’s definitely no room for such unhealthy competitions. Whatever is his is mine and mine his. At the end of the day it’s our prayer for each other to succeed beyond expectations. Knowing that you guys are role models to a lot of people, how did you mange with the back lash of having a baby before marriage? Dami: We love our fans and supporters, without whom we won’t be called celebrities. But here’s the truth; our work is our work and our personal lives are ours to deal with, hopefully none of the people who love our work are completely emulating our lives, so I’m hoping 62 | BLANCK MAGAZINE | MAY 2015 that they can accept and respect what our choices and decisions are. Without letting that get in the way of how much they appreciate our work. The truth is I have my personal life to live. My partner and I have made decisions based on how we deem fit and I will totally take having a baby out of wedlock than having an abortion. The babe came at the best time he was meant to come. We love each other and already had plans of being together so why not. Thankfully our families and those who their opinions really mattered were ok with our decisions. I recall in a recent article, where the same question was thrown at the musician Brymo and he said that – children were a product of love and not marriage and I completely agree. I’m not one to live my life based on other people’s standards. Fortunately for me, I didn’t get a lot of heat from people, in fact most people who knew about us were very happy about everything. The people who knew the journey that we passed through called it a miracle that we could come this far. I remember when I told Chris I was pregnant, he laughed uncontrollably… I was shocked. He was so happy and that was all that mattered to me at the time. My family is doing great and I hope that everyone can respect that. Like the saying goes- whoever wears the shoe, knows where the shoe is pinching (laughing). Bryan is a miracle and was given to us for a reason we both know. He came at the time we didn’t expect but it was such a beautiful timing. I wouldn’t trade that feeling for a million fans. Some people have asked me if having a child obligated Chris to marry me and here’s my answer, there are a lot of baby mamas out there who their baby daddies didn’t marry, so having a kid for a guy doesn’t guarantee anything. For us, Bryan sealed the deal for us- he’s coming made us know that God was leading us to the path we had always wanted and it would have been foolish for us not to jump on it. And Bryan brought a lot of change, redirection, focus, organisation and unity. It was and is still beautiful. Sometimes I sit down and marvel at how lucky I am. Now my life has a purpose- I wouldn’t trade this for any other life. Chris: I would rather prefer to see us as one of the fortunate couples who happened to be blessed with a baby before our wedding. We obviously already had plans to make our relationship official but sometimes plans change; but then what bigger blessing would anyone ask for in a union than a child? Sometimes when plans change we don’t get it, but everything that has happened to us has happened for us and we are extremely grateful.