Blanck Magazine 5 - Page 56

a massive wave of attraction when we first met. On the first day of Tinsel, everyone got to meet each other and basically bonded. We didn’t know the whole crew would turn into a huge family but this eventually ow did this love transcend happened. It’s been almost 10 years that from off screen to real life? Tinsel’s been running and I remember it fresh like yesterday, when I walked into the Dami: Honestly, it took a while room and noticed that beautiful young lady actually. I met Chris at the first photoshoot and I thought to myself ‘hmmmm, I like me we did for the Tinsel show and it was the some of that’ honestly that was all I thought first that all the lead casts of the Tinsel ( laughs). I actually didn’t think it would get show would be meeting each other. The to this point but it’s refreshing to know that guys from Ghana were coming into Lagos I tasted, enjoyed and simply couldn’t get for the shoot and it really took a long time enough of her, so I made her mine (laughs). for them to get there. It was a really long day It was definitely like at first sight and on the and I remember seeing him as I was going first date we shared a lot of amazing things out of the hotel for some fresh air; he was that I don’t think most people share on their at the reception trying to find his way and I first dates. The relationship started off from literally stopped in my tracks. I was blown a genuine friendship and then it grew into away by his good looks ‘gosh! He looked something more. There was a time we had a so handsome, so tall, dark and absolutely break, because I left Nigeria and the distance gorgeous’ I remember thinking and asking wasn’t helping us. We remained good friends to myself ‘wow! Is he one of us? And a few for a very long time which also helped me in minutes later we had a conversation and I learning how to be her friend and be there totally loved him even more. He was such for her in one way or the other we found a perfect package. My kind of guy a 100 ourselves falling for each other all over again percentage. There was certainly no doubt at different times. We just finally decided to that I had feelings for him from the give the relationship room to thrive and when we minute I set my eyes on him but did it flourished into marriage. I decided to take things slow; be I also admired her talent a lot. I think I’m Dami’s good friends and great colleagues biggest fan. She has an incredible talent to act and and honestly it did help that we as an actress, she would completely steal all the were seeing each other every day attention from everybody else on set. Which is an and working with each other got amazing thing every director wants. That is one us even closer. We really connected of the many things about her that has appealed to and I really liked him on all levels. me aside the other obvious features. The That whole experience was a very time we spent working together was a very interesting phase in my life. And gradually good opportunity to test ourselves and it grew from what it was then to what it is understand each other’s obligations. Work now. On and off set we became inseparable definitely played a major role in helping us they were really good times. I will also add get closer. A man becomes his environment that everyone on the tinsel set were kind and Dami was part of that. of rooting for us to be together and that kind of helped. I think they sensed that Dami: Well, for me it was definitely love at we were in love and would make a perfect first sight. It felt really weird the first time couple, so they all used to look forward to I saw him and I honestly don’t think that I our kissing scenes and the chemistry that have felt that way about anybody before we shared on screen. Even the viewers at and I remember thinking about it from the the time felt the same way. I think it was beginning- there’s something so strange just everything- the atmosphere, our on about him, I would ask myself ‘could he screen chemistry, and our feelings and how really be the one’ and then having to work we connected with each other on different together for that period of time just further levels. sealed the deal for me. You know that sometimes you have these feelings and after Was it more of love at first sight or did dealing with the person for vRRf@v&rFvWFW"fR"&RFWBFW&Vǒ&RBvBR&Rpf"'WB7VFrBbFRvFǐ6f6VBR&RB&RFBBv2Ф6&3Bv2FVfFVǒGG&7FBf'7@&VǒvFVBF&RvF6vBBBv6( BFr6RBv0Sb$4tR#