Blanck Magazine 5 - Page 38

hy are you so damn stylish? Ha-ha, thank you. It makes me feel good that someone thinks I am stylish. Getting up and choosing to look clean by playing with colors, patterns and accessories is very normal to me. It makes me feel good about myself. I guess I am just lucky that it is deemed stylish. What is it about the fashion industry that interests and inspires you? The variety of creativity. From designers, to bloggers, to videographers, to photographers and everyone else who contributes to the constant change and movement in the industry? Tell us about yourself and fashionable adventures. I am a personal style, photography, creativity and music lover. I am currently a student in college with a major in Marketing. I am not sure what you mean by fashion adventures. If you are referring to memorable stories from everything I have gotten to pursue within the fashion industry, then I’ve had a series of adventures. My favorite fashionable adventure would be being in the same elevator as Paris Hilton after Alon Livne’s New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 presentation. We had a brief conversation and I was amazed at how patient and sweet she was. When you are not blogging what other activities take your time? I am a student in college so generally, that takes up of my time. When I am not blogging or dealing with course work, I enjoy listening and vibing out to different genres of music and watching TV. I watch quite a few TV shows and I try my best to keep up. Except those two activities, everything else usually revolves around my blog. It’s a full time job. Would you consider yourself trendsetter, an influencer or follower? a a I would say I am a little bit of everything. I like to think that trendsetting and influencing tie into each other. Being a trendsetter and influencer, people are able to look up to you, respect you, support you 38 | BLANCK MAGAZINE | MAY 2015