Blanck Magazine 5 - Page 116

The demands of the entertainment industry are not lost on Eddie Kadi though. He knows more than anyone how important it is to be in good comedy form, notwithstanding any personal struggles in the life of the artiste. He also knows that it’s not always a good day at the office when it comes to getting an audience to laugh. As he puts it; “Sometimes there’s too much salt in the food and sometimes there’s too much sugar in the cake. Sometimes you are late for work and sometimes you are too early. One of my first encounters was one time I went on stage to deliver a joke that was so funny to me; it was a very funny joke but the audience were not relating or reacting to it; so I tried to force it on the audience… but I was lucky to have had a backup plan; so I quickly introduced the next act to cover up; but these things happen and sometimes they make you questio [\[X][H^Hܝ\܈[\\Y\ۈ]] ][X[HۙHY[[\[]]\[\وܚ\H\H[[[ZB\H\[]]X]\]BY\HX[]HX[YHX^\˸'B[ۈH\YHو][]BY\H^\']\[^\HYK\H\HBو[]YH]\[Hž[K\XX[H][\\ۘ[^\Y[\]Y][Y\[H[HY][Y\[ Y][™^[ܙ[\H[]8&\\HB؛[H\ˈ[HH][˜Z[[[[B\۸&][H[H][B[]H] \YܙK[H]BYY\X]\H[\]YY[B\۸&]\K][Y[H\[\YH[\\\]8&\X[BZ\\[\ˈ^x&]HZ\ۈ؛[\[]8&\ؘXHۙBوHX[HX\ۜ^H\H][š[۝و[HZ][܈YH]Y\Y\[H\ ^x&]B[[ۙ^Hۈ[H[[H[\Y[HYH][^H8&ܜB^\x&]HYHY^H^KB[&][][^x&H8'KLMSPQVSHPVH MBYYHYK][Y[]^HB\Y[[܈ۙ\Z[\XۛX]\]]H[K[ L HY\\\]ۙœ[H[ݚ[HK[\›XYHH\و\[H[H\[XYHY[\\^\\\وYXK\X[\BY\XK[XH[[KH\HZ\وX\X[[YHHX\ YYX[B\\Y[ܜ[\وHY]]\\[\\[H[ܙB[H[Y\[\HقZ\[X][ۜYܙH[[[™[\Z[Y[ [\ܙ΂'H[^K۸&]][[[H\B[Y\[\H]\][B[ˈ۸&]]X]\H[BYHHو[HX\[Z[˜[Z[X\\][X]Y\ˈB[^K]X]\H[\X\^\X]\H]\][\Z[[H[H[Y\\H\ ]܈HYX\ۜ[ۘB[H[Y]K۸&]][[ۙH]\[K\[YKYH]BY[[[YH[HZYK][\]\Z[][ۈ[Y\[B[ˈ[\X\ x&[HوB[YY][Y[ۙHYX\ž[H]\\X[H\YۈZ\[Z]'K