Blanck Magazine 5 - Page 114

orn into a large family in Congo, his parents conceived him as a relatively young couple. He moved with his family to the United Kingdom at the age of eight, leaving him with no choice but to learn English language, as different from French and Lingala which he was more familiar with back in Congo. Eddie grew up with his cousins and displayed first glimpses of his artistic abilities at a very young age as he sang with his them in the church choir. He would however lose his voice soon after, putting paid to any hopes of trying out a career in music. Eddie studied Media Technology at Kingston University, but opted to go into entertainment, much against his parents’ wishes. While studying as an undergraduate, he acted as a spokesperson for the institution’s African-Caribbean Society, and got his big break when he had to host an event by himself, due to lack of funds to book comedians or presenters. He took on the role of a “Nigerian uncle”, one which was met with positive reviews from the audience. This opened doors for him to host shows and events, and upon advice from his close associates, he ventured into stand-up comedy. Eddie Kadi’s foray into entertainment has been a largely successful one, with appearances on mainstream U.K TV and shows in the famous O2 Arena. He also sees entertainment, and comedy in particular, as a lucrative venture. In his words; “It is as good as it can get. It is a lucrative business just like any other venture. There are many opportunities to excel. People love to laugh, there’s a demand for it and once your audience reflects the demand then it’s all good. And it is not just in the UK but all over the world. There is a high demand for laughter.” Eddie’s entertainment career is not just restricted to comedy routines however. He has also ventured into acting, having featured in a number of low-budget movies including a movie called ‘Area Boys’ (a Nigerian film sponsored by the British council), ‘Another Hood’, ‘Shank’ and (recently) ‘It’s A Lot’. 114 | BLANCK MAGAZINE | MAY 2015