Blanck Magazine 5 - Page 112

Time after time, people make bold decisions to leave their immediate environment and search for a better life elsewhere. This search could take them across countries, and in a good number of cases, across continents. This decision to switch locations is a gamble in itself; the grass is not always greener on the other side, and dreams evolve into nightmares soon enough. In search of a better standard of living, people are faced with various social, cultural and political challenges, from language to immigration status. These get in the way of the pasture, and more often than not, some throw in the towel. However, some take up the gauntlet, brave the odds and turn the struggle into a success story. One of such people is U.K-based Congolese comedian, Eddie Kadi. WORDS by Jerry Chi, PHOTOGRAPHY by Demola Odusami, STYLED by Tolu Poyigi LOCATION-805 Restaurant and Bar. 112 | BLANCK MAGAZINE | MAY 2015