Blanck Magazine 5 - Page 111

Tell us about your personal style and what influence it has on brand My personal style is super chill. I buy multiples of pieces I love and wear them religiously. I like not having to think too much about what I’m going to wear. I’m not sure if my personal style influences the brand. My goal is to give women something they love and can make their own. My hope is that they buy a cool head wrap that makes them feel beautiful. Then they develop their own style and feel great about being so fly and creative. Do you have mentors or icons in the business? While responding to this question, I realized I haven’t fully committed to one particular person. Instead I have several people who offer traits I feel are important to have. I’d love to learn from others but still allow myself to grow in an organic way. I don’t want to mould myself into a certain CEO or business owner. Instead, I love the idea of incorporating traits they’ve expressed and using them to help me expand as Nnenna. What celebrities do you hope would rock products from The Wrap life? It’d be cool to have Bjork or Erykah Badu rock a head wrap. I love both because they have an uninhibited expression of their art that I find entrancing and extremely inspiring. Tell us about your latest collection It’s my favorite. But I’m pretty sure I say that about each collection. It’s our most expansive line, offering an eclectic offering of prints and colors. There’s a little bit for everyone. What is your personal mantra? “Breathe, girl.” For more about Nnenna, follow her on instagram @thewraplife Visit Pictures: Nnenna Stella MAY 2015 | BLANCK MEGAZINE | 111