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Tell us about yourself, upbringing and growing I grew up in the south with 3 sisters. We were all raised in a single parent home by my mother. I’ve never met my “father” but wholeheartedly believe it was all for the best. Feeling like I couldn’t grow more in Arkansas, I left in 2005, packed up my car and drove 26 hours to Los Angeles. I took a nap in a hotel parking lot and when I finally arrived to my empty apartment, I called my sister crying and asking, “What the hell did I just do?” I’d moved to a completely new and somewhat foreign place all alone. I learned a lot in Los Angeles though. Coming from the south and landing in L.A was quite a shock but I embraced it and met some pretty amazing people. I also worked on restructuring my beliefs and discovering what I want from life. After 5 years in L.A, I ended up moving to Brooklyn after a 3 week vacation turned into 2 months. I met a guy, packed up my life in L.A. into 9 boxes and officially moved to Brooklyn. Having a business in fashion- has this always been part of the plan or did it just happen? The Wrap Life was never really part of the plan. And I never saw myself as an entrepreneur. I got the idea to start the Wrap Life after meditating and writing each morning for 30 days. Something opened up and I started to believe that I was capable of doing things I never considered. The fear I usually had when starting projects wasn’t present. It was a strange feeling. I knew if I could change how I perceived myself, anything I put my mind to do could succeed and be awesome. When and how did you start out and what inspired your fashion brand The Wrap Life launched on January 15, 2014. I was inspired to start my brand because I wanted to wear head wraps but couldn’t find a shop that sold them online. I knew there had to be other women who wanted the same so I started. I was a waitress when I got the idea for the Wrap Life. I worked extra shifts and saved a little money then started with what I 108 | BLANCK MAGAZINE | MAY 2015 had. I committed to work at least one year doing both because I wanted all the money I earned to be cycled back into growing my company. I’d wake up, work on The Wrap Life then go to work waiting tables. Then I’d come home after midnight and work more on The Wrap Life. Tell us about the wrap life, your vision and mission Our mission is simple. Help women create a life that inspires creativity and self-expression. The Wrap Life is more than head wraps. I guess anything you buy is more than the product you’re actually buying. Of course utility is important but it’s also about how a person feels. Building a community and giving women positive images of other women who are fearless in how they express, create and dress is invaluable. I envisioned infusing the brand with art and providing a platform to other women who are also doing great things and creating lives they’re proud of. All that is happening. I want The Wrap Life to expand and unfold into something that empowers, educates and connects. How would you describe or define the wrap life customer? That’s a tough question. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I’m often surprised when I see the various kinds of people we attract. Many of them are African American women but we also attract women from Iceland, Australia and the UK. Wrap Life women are women who take chances and embrace the opportunity to be more expansive and expressive. Besides running the wrap life what other creative interest do you have? Sleep, ha ha! No really, sleep is a wonderful thing. I get so many ideas in the dream realm. I keep a note book next to bed to quickly write down ideas I have upon waking. I also love writing, photography and video editing. I wish I could give you an answer that sounds more interesting. For the most part, TWL consumes much of my time so I try to enjoy creative things that also help my company. What expansion plans do you have at the moment? Are you strictly going to stay online or do you have plans of having outlets? My current expansion plan is to grow our presence online. I felt obligated to establish a physical store but reminded myself that this is my company and I should do what makes me happy. A physical store at this point would not make me very happy. I’m still open to the idea, but I’d like to reconsider it later. We are working to connect with stockist which is kinda brilliant and almost effortless. Everyone benefits and I still have time to dedicate to other tasks.