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“ Neka Youth captures the essence of fun and stylish girls ages be- tween 9-16 years old. The Neka youth girl is fashion forward in her approach to what she wears and likes to express herself through her choice of fashion. “ Alanis Nwadire: Creative Director. forever and to us that is a huge responsibility, one which comes with knowledge, love and an understanding of people and what makes them thick. Nancy: When a client trusts you, the feeling of not wanting to disappoint them is always pres- ent, for me, this is what drives us to always seek perfection in each and every Iconic Invanity piece. The ultimate reward comes when a cus- tomer is happy. Your latest collections are off the charts; can you explain individually what the inspiration for them were? Nancy: For us at Iconic Invanity, storytell- ing is an integral part of communicating our work. Each collection is a seamless transition from the previous one and this applies to all the brands under the Iconic Invanity family.I’m like a sponge, I get inspiration from every- where. My fabrics are my canvas and I like to assault the mind with bursts of dazzle. Destiny: For this season,DNA by Iconic In- vanity’s SS19 takes us on an adventure to the East coast of Africa.Inspired by escapism, the feel and freedom of theexotic coast,reflects our modern desire to escape our hectic lives for a while and draw our imaginations to the back- drop of aqua water colours, sandy beaches and plenty of sunshine. The clean silhouettes set off an intense interplay between nudes and sunny yellows, pastels and bold purple pieces ranging from day dresses to evening wears,DNA’s artistry is seen through- 6 / BLANCKLITE / OCT 2018 / out the collection with hand embroidery and beading on classic DNA silhouettes,bringing us all African glamour and magic at its best. Alanis: Neka Youth debuts this SS19 with a splash of colour. The contrast of muted shades, yellow and deep blue creates a balance between fun and playfulness which is synonymous to the bubbly character of the 12-year-old creator. Ala- nis’ choice of fabric is Adire, a Yoruba tie and dye fabric, hand made locally in Abeokuta. My choice to use Adire for my first work was inspired by myprimary school uniform at St. Saviours school Ikoyi; a blue Adire skirt. For my choice of colours, I wanted to work with inter- esting bright colours and really appreciate the freedom to have my fabrics hand made locally in Nigeria, so Adire for me was a natural choice. I grew up around fashion design and was mostly inspired to design through some of my friends at school who liked outfits that my mum made for me. I often came back home with an order from one of my friends, which I thought was really cool. So when I was about 9 years old, I told my mum that I wanted to launch my own fashion line when I turned 12, so here I am. My fashion reflects my style and things I love, which I know my friends like also. We have lots of fun and playful pieces in this collection which I enjoyed making. I hope people like it as much as I do. What design software do use for your designs and how do you keep up with the trends? We’ve moved from using the traditional sketch- 7 / BLANCKLITE / OCT 2018 /