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a source which is God- this means that we are the master and co- creators of our lives. I’m re- sponsible not only for my actions and thoughts but for everything I’m connected to. This idea is reflected in my work, it’s helped me to adjust my lifestyle, interactions and the way I operate my businesses in a sense that I want my work to serve a purpose that is bigger than me. This has meant that I’ve had to reposition myself away from certain things, opportunities and sadly even some people and as a result, unbeliev- able opportunities and incredible people have surfaced”.She concludes. We talk more about brand building and their plans to take over the fashion world as they prepare for Lagos Fash- ion Week. Iconic Invanity’s aesthetics is drawn on personal attention to detail and impeccable crafts- manship. There is a certain type of woman who under- stands this school of thought. She is on top of her game and isn’t afraid to show it with the clothes she wears. 5 / BLANCKLITE / OCT 2018 /