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The Iconic Invanity Trio Building a fashion Empire COVER CREDITS; Photography By Kola Oshalusi, Styled By Franka Chiedu, Hair By Ayoola Bakare for Rare Look, Make Up By Harriots Glam, Interview By Franka Chiedu. 2 / BLANCKLITE / OCT 2018 / T he award winning queen of embel- lishments and owner of one of the most recognised luxury brands in Nigeria, Nancy Nwadire alongside her budding fashion icon daugh- ters Alanis and Destiny talk about life and their plans of building a multi-million global fashion and accessories brand. With a disarming, relaxed nature, Nancy has successfully blended business with an unwav- ering dedication to quality and craftsmanship; an attribute she has steely instilled in the two other off shoot labels now managed by her two young daughters. For the Iconic trio, attitude is everything and a major key to the success of their brand. Deep intuition is probably one of her most valu- able assets. In defining herself and how these attributes are reflected in the Iconic Invani- ty brand she takes a deeper route “in order for me to define myself, I had to redefine myself. I used to define myself as a mother, wife, an entre- preneur, creative director et all. However, these definitions have shifted for me. I’ve realised that defining myself by what I do is limiting as I believe there is more to me. I believe we are in- finite beings connected to many things through 3 / BLANCKLITE / OCT 2018 /