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The book Vision of Fatima is more than an enjoyable travelogue. Fr. McGlynn reminds THE SCULPTORus that Fatima, like Cana, is a place of PRIEST OF FATIMA miracles. He also points us to the penitential By Fr. Hugh Vincent Dyer, O.P. character of Mary’s message. Penance seeks justice and communion with Jesus crucified. Adapted from a blog post on The prayer of the rosary is a prayer whereby we grow in the virtues of Mary’s Fatima has been present in my imagination By Br. Reginald Hoefer, O.P. contemplative heart. Fatima has long been a for nearly as long as I can remember. I motivator to prayer, and Fr. McGlynn’s work grew up in Albany, New York, in the 1980s. aidspro-abortion this motivation. His and booktheir is again a gift Albany is theseems place where Fr. Patrick Peyton, of the Restlessness ubiquitous today. lobby media to Our Lady of Fatima in this centennial year C.S.C., his apostolate of stability the Family allies protects our cultural selfishness: it People arebegan uncomfortable with the of the apparitions. He had two great of Rosary human Crusade. nature and obsessed withsayings: the strives to ensure an autonomy such that “The family that prays The together stays we need not even be subject to our own idea of personal autonomy. abortion Vision of Fatima will be published in April together” and world at prayerbecause is a world biological processes. industry feeds on“Athis discomfort by Sophia Institute Press and is available at peace”. prayer is the rosary. In my it offers us That a way to pursue our bodily for preorder on Amazon. neighborhood, was a woman of faith, God’s remedy for our restlessness was to pleasures withoutthere being subject to their Mrs. Giminiani, promoted theHaving message become human and show us the goodness natural, biological who consequences. of Fatima and encouraged others to pray the of our own nature. He renews this great children is an inherently selfless endeavor rosary for conversion. act of mercy daily by giving us His own because it makes us give up our own freedom; but abortion provides us a way to flesh in the Eucharist as healing for our Last year I found an out-of-print book on avoid that. unhappiness. He is infinite, and only He Marian apparitions, which referenced a can fill our infinite longing for happiness. rare book entitled Vision of Fatima by our Thus, forFr. some, Church authorities seem to own Thomas McGlynn, O.P., I called be the trying to keep women from enjoying the Dominican House of Studies librarian, kind autonomy theirto“God-given Fr.ofJohn Martin that Ruiz,isO.P., track down a right”: “A woman shouldn’t have to carry copy of McGlynn’s book on Fatima, I also a baby to term if doing so would infringe asked him to read it. We both read the book upon her chosentherein lifestyle, should she?” with delight: McGlynn recounts his JESUS IN THE FLESH AND THE PROBLEM OF ABORTION encounter with and privileged access to A the few last protesters the steps of theand survivingon visionary, Sr. Lucia, Supreme Court sport signs like “Pro-faith. how she gave direction as he sculpted Our Pro-family. Pro-choice.” The newspapers Lady of Fatima. His statue stands, centered, show pictures of these “Pro-choicers” above the entrance to the basilica at next Fatima, to a few “Pro-lifers” they often ignore of where it is seen by but hundreds of thousands thepilgrims overwhelming presence of the March every year. for Life. Why? The reality is that the activity Photograph taken by Fr. Thomas McGlynn, O.P., of Sr. Lucia posing with his prototype for the Fatima sculpture. Used with permission of the Thomas McGlynn Collection, Providence College, Providence, RI 02918-0001. Executive Director Father Gabriel Gillen, O.P. Tune into Sirius XM129 every Friday at 1:00pm Director/COO John Lacorazza ET for the Dominican-hosted Word to Life radio Planned Giving Officer Catherine Scalera broadcast. Tune intoMarketing Sirius XM129 every Friday at 1:00pm ET for the Dominican-hosted Word to Life radio broadcast. Director Barry Clark Planned Giving Manager Marie Smith Editor Matthew Kirby Executive Director Gabriel Gillen, O.P. Graphic DesignerFather Andre Padayhag Director/COO John Lacorazza Photo Retoucher Joshua Vargas Planned Giving Catherine Scalera Marketing/IT Barry Clark Executive Liaison Marie Smith Dominican Friars Foundation 141 East 65th Street Editor Matthew Kirby New York, NY Stonier 10065 Graphic Designer Adam Phone: Joshua 646-350-0112 Photo Retoucher Vargas 0400_BlackFriars_VF2.indd 8 BlackfriarsMedia MediaApp App Blackfriars 11/17/16 10:40 AM