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Black Hills Cruisin’ August 2017, Page 19 Welcome to Keystone! Welcome Bikers! The Town of Keystone would like to wel- come you to the beautiful Black Hills and to the 77th Annual Stur- gis Rally. The town of Keystone, located at the base of Mt. Rushmore, provides access to Custer State Park through one of the most scenic rides in the Hills, via Iron Mountain Road and the Pigtail bridges. If you are looking for a more laid-back evening or a scenic ride through the Hills, Keystone is a pleasant stop. We have many unique shops, restaurants and watering holes throughout town. The vendors cater to bikers with leathers and souvenirs. There are also many attractions that provide great entertainment; you can pan for your own gold, take a memorable “Old West” picture or zip line through the trees. Be sure to visit historic Keystone while you’re visiting and learn about the history of our town. Keystone is home to 327 residents and has a rich gold mining history dating back before the 1900s. It was also called home by the many dedicated workers who carved Mount Rushmore from 1929 to 1942. Keystone is the mining town that failed to become a ghost town. Here you can walk the same streets the miners and carvers walked and enjoy the natural beauty of this canyon town. Ride safe and enjoy your stay in the beautiful Black Hills during the 77th annual Sturgis Rally! Sandra McLain President, Keystone Board of Trustees There is no lack of places in Custer, or around the Southern Hills, for that matter, for a biker to take a load off and have their bike washed by a lovely lady or two.