BirdLife: The Magazine September 2017 - Page 50

TREES OF LIFE T here was a time when the Narewka road took its faithful travellers on a journey to another world, to a whole other age — for this road leads deep into the heart of Białowieża For- est. Here, straddling the border between Poland and Belarus, lies a living, breathing glimpse into our past — the largest surviving remnant of the vast primeval forest that once swathed the Great European Plain in a sea of lush greenness from the Atlantic to the Urals. Under its protective canopy is the best pre- served forest ecosystem and the last deciduous, old-growth forest in Europe. It is an unparalleled haven for biodiversity hosting a rich panoply of fauna and flora. Several bird species, sadly rare elsewhere, are still numerous in Białowieża; war- blers B6&7&W2fƗB&VBFR7W'&VFpVFw2vRVvF27V6W2bv2fǒЦ6F6W'2BvGV6W'2F&fRw7BFP6VGW&W2BƖRBVB7F&vW'06BW7BFFR6W2'WBFFV"fVW@vW&RFW7B( V'F7F'>( w7BFPFW6G2bW6&2vB&VFF'2BFV"&W7F&g&VVǐW&SRǖ7FƲFRvG26V&6`R'FV2B&W2vRvfW2606fbWB&VBFVW"B6RFR7B60f&W7BGvVW'2&RFRw&VBWW&V&6Fv6BffW'2&VgVvRFW6R&W76fR&V7G0( BFR6FVN( 2VfW7BB2( BvW&PVFVBFWF7FFRvBGW&rFRV&ǐ#F6VGW''WBvW&R7V'6WVVFǒ&VG&ЦGV6VBg&6FfG6WfW&6VG&W2FF&X&v\[2RFFR&vW7BVFFRv&B6VFrW7BfW"CऄT%Bb&X&v\[f&W7BF6V&7'DR$EDRd"$Xt\[d$U5@WW&^( 27B&Vrw&VBf&W7B2&Fǒ&VrG&6f&VBg&f'FRFgW&GW&RF2F&VVFW727FFR76&VBvvr'WB&F6Rv( B&R7BvFWBfvN( `&