BirdLife: The Magazine Jan-Mar 2018 - Page 63

CAPTURE THE WONDER OF NATURE Enter your best image in the DIGISCOPER OF THE YEAR competition. ATX/STX NEW TLS APO 43 mm ADAPTER FULL-FRAME TLS APO 30 mm ADAPTER APS-C/DX NEW TLS APO 23 mm ADAPTER MICRO FOUR THIRDS DRX ATS/STS DRSM ADAPTER RING PHONE ADAPTER iPHONE ®* 5/5s/SE/6/6s/7 *iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. Taking photos with your SWAROVSKI OPTIK spotting scope couldn’t be easier. Just connect it to your smartphone. Do you need a super-telephoto lens, bigger than 1,000 mm? Simply use your spotting scope in combination with the TLS APO and your system or SLR camera. Make your adventures unforgettable with impressive photos you can share with your friends. Enjoy moments even more – with SWAROVSKI OPTIK. SEE THE UNSEEN WWW.SWAROVSKIOPTIK.COM