BirdLife: The Magazine Jan-Mar 2018 - Page 56

forests oF hope Into The Forest… We’re taking our work with forests to a whole new level. Here are two ambitious projects you’ll be hearing more about in the coming year Trillion Trees A bold shared vision for more trees on our planet through protection, planting, and avoided loss C an you imagine a world with a trillion more trees? This year, three “great oaks” of the conservation world launched an unprecedented partnership striving not only to halt deforestation, but to reverse it. BirdLife International, WWF UK and the Wildlife Conservation Society have a single, ambitious goal: that by 2050, a trillion trees will have been planted, restored or protected. A trillion seems a huge number, but it wasn’t just chosen for alliteration. This is the number required to reverse the current catastrophic global decline in tree cover. And we really need our trees: forests soak up more than 45% of terrestrial carbon, offsetting the effects of climate change. They are home to two-thirds of all land-based plants and animals, and support the livelihoods of 1.6 billion people. Yet we’re currently losing ten billion a year. All three organisations are already performing successful forest restoration worldwide. But by joining forces we can take our individual efforts and scale them up to a new level, sharing knowledge and resources and avoiding duplication. “It’s about the right trees in the right places,” says Patricia Zurita, CEO of BirdLife International. “With responsible land-use comprising almost 25% of the global climate solution, aligning our forest work through Trillion Trees is our contribution to one of the larg )ͽхɥɥѥ́ѡЁ今t)ݗeٔɕхѕݽɬ)]eɔɕѱ䁕)ɕѡɽѕѕɕ) Ʌɕ̸)ɥݗeɔͥх)ɕхѥɕɽՍѥ)%ȁݽɬ́Ѽٔѥ)аЁ͕́ѥѼ)ݥѠхɕѥ)ѡЁЁѡչݡ͔)ٕ́ѡɕи)ЁɔЁѡQɥQɕ́ɽЁ)ܹɥɕ̹ɜ()Mɽݸ)ɽѡ)AѼ Սɵ