BirdLife: The Magazine Jan-Mar 2018 - Page 5

28 the red list Snowy Owl faces a frosty future Ed Parnell HEADINGS 3 editorial 29 the red list Year of the Bird Gannets nosedive Alex Dale Christina Hagen 6 12 6 one to watch Belding’s Yellowthroat 30 the red list A broken love story Jessica Law 8 the debate The future of farming 34 the red list Red List roundup 10 irreplaceable Dakatcha Woodland Kenya 38 the red list Solving the world’s great bird mysteries James Lowen 36 flight of fancy Early depictions of the parrot trade in European art John Fanshawe 42 illegal killing A view to a kill 60 bird conservation international Exploring the ‘African Galapagos’ Gui-Xi Young 24 29 48 PREVENTING EXTINCTIONS 62 seven questions with… From slaughter to spectacle Jane Alexander Alex Dale 50 marine Tangled and drowned cover story Rory Crawford 12 the red list Kiwis: Stars of the Red List 54 nature’s heroes Kevin Hackwell Argentina’s colony guardians Inés Pereda & Francisco González Táboas 16 the red list Curiosity shouldn’t kill the Kea 56 forests of hope GrrlScientist Into the forest… Jessica Law 50 20 the red list 58 Journey to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge 58 meet the partner Gui-Xi Young Reversing the conservation “brain drain” in Uzbekistan Rosa Gleave 24 THE rED lIST Lifeline Shaun Hurrell Jan-Mar 2018 • birdlife 5