BirdLife: The Magazine Jan-Mar 2018 - Page 26

THE RED LIST between “traditional fishermen” and “illegal poachers”, because carp fishing has become a hugely destructive and lucrative criminal business on Skadar (dubbed the “lawless lake” by some), along with drug and tobacco smuggling—and nesting pelicans are in the crossfire. Whilst daytime traditional fishing with wooden rowing boats and small nets is legal for the families living lakeside, modern poachers are drawn to Skadar with an “I’ll show you how to fish” bravado that sees them sticking car battery-powered probes into the water and scooping up 300 kg of electrocuted, and very valuable, carp in one night. That said, there have only been a few night-time disturbances of the colony this season, thanks to rapid early-hour boat chases by the pelican-loving and dedicated “commando-like” Head Ranger. But is this level of protection sustainable? “People and birds are both fishermen on the lake”, says Prakljacic. “They have to meet each other and fall in love, because after projects end it is H[[H]H۝[YH\؋'HHTڙX]][ܙ[\][ۜܚ[]\]H[[][]Y\[\YH]\[\[[X[YY[B\\K8'HY[ۛ\Yܚ܈\BXYۚYX[\[]HXY]YH8'B^\ژ[Zݚq!H֒T \YH[[۝[YܛK8'YܙKYH[[[YH[X[\H\HوZN˜[[]\H[ۛHY\۞K[[H\H\X[[X[YZ['BZHHKM8&^\&HوY\\›XYYH[X[ێHX[H™][H[\[܈[\BH\[œY[B۝[YYۜ\][ۂYܝ[X][K\HY\[HXY\˜Y]8%]\[K[Y]\ܚX[BY][ۘ[Y\\\Y[Z[YHڛ •H][YYHZ[N[X[ۈBY[[\\Y]\[\ܞB]\][Hو[۝[YܛŒB[\[Y[\\Y[\X[H[X[۞K8'H^H[۞HB[X\H[X[HY[[x'H^\\[ۘZHY][ۘ[\\X[]\ۂHZHܙK[\YX\[[BH\[YH[\ܛYY[˜[Y8&[Z[HX[\Zx&H[ܙ\X[X[[\ [^ܚ[X\\Bܝ[]Y\˂]وH[X[[[]\O8'\B\HYHܞH[\܈H[X]X[[X['K^\[ܙ]YܘZ\ۜ\][ۂ[\[Z\X[وHUPӈ[X[XX[\ܛ\ 8'H\ܙ]H[ۙXKB[H[][ۈ\[\]\HX]قY[ۘ[^[[ۋ]ؘXH]\[ML[]YX[Y [Hۛ]HوZ\YY[]\܈[ݙ[Y[˸'HۙH[]\ۛۈ\]YHو\H[X[\B\YH8([SX\ N