BirdLife: The Magazine Apr-Jun 2018 - Page 59

demolishing all structures built on illegally reclaimed land and that have “seriously damaged the marine environment”. From now on, they plan to minimise the amount of wetland drained at all, stating: “The central government will stop approving property development plans based on land reclamation, and will prohibit all reclamation activities unless they pertain to national key infrastructure, public welfare or national defence.” And finally, and perhaps most significantly in terms of the future of China’s east coast, local authorities will no longer have the power to approve reclamation projects. Gu Wu, head of SOA’s National Marine Inspection Office, explains the reason for their decision: “In the past, land reclamation, to a certain extent, helped to boost economic development by mitigating the land shortage in coastal regions and providing space for public infrastructure and industry parks. However, illegal and irregular reclamation activities caused a number of problems to marine ecosystems and lawful businesses.” Those effects have become a major public concern, so the administration decided reclamation would be closely looked at in its annual inspection. A drawing of the Rudong Mudflats Credit Richard Allen 0 Spoon-billed Sandpiper Calidris pygmaea Photo Polylock19 / Shutterstock 2 This press conference came in the wake of two media articles that criticised coastal provinces for their mismanagement of land reclamation projects. SOA’s 2017 inspections revealed a system rife with infringements. Hebei Province (home to Beidaihe, Nanpu and Happy Island) was admonished when it was revealed tha @FW&6V7VGW&RB6'VFrB&VVvVBFGW&R&W6W'fR6vƒ6VGFW"&f6W2fR6&VV7V&V7BFfvW"Frw7R&f6RPF'VFrBF撒B26VBFBFFbB&V7G2ffr#V7F&W2`"𤰤"b0@&RFP6F'FV7B6GS67FvWFG0G&vvW"7V6W3&VB7&vV@7&R7GFVBw&VV6氤`PvB2BƖSF262`FW'FFVFfG2Bg&W6vFW vWFG2FF2BW&&@w&7VGW&B27G&FVv27FfW Bf"֖w&Fr&&G2FfVVB@&W7BrFRW&WF&VG3&VF^( 27FGW22V"FW&7BFW7FF2F7'WFp&&G>( &W7FrBf&vrvB2&VrFSFP&&FbVFrFR&V0f7Fǒ&VVfFVBG2&&BVF2FRf7FfP6FRf2vFFR&VFP$$6V6&RGW&R&W6W'fR"֧V#( "&&FƖfP&V6VBBB&VVw&vǒ&fV@66R#"B&vRVG2b&V6V@B&VFW6W'FVBvFǒ##Rb@&VrFWfVVBWVvRƖr&f6RRFFFrBFƖFR4fVBFBFP&f6vfW&VBv2fƖrFVffV7FfVǐ7WW'f6RB&V6F&V7G2B6G&WFG2g&&VrF66&vVBFFR6V4( 2V6VVBbFRWrƖ7@&V6F6R27W'&6R&VBfW'vV6RRFFR66W'fF6VGआvWfW"F6RvFWW&V6Rbv&p6vB&R7W'&6VBvVWpƖ72V6VBFR6VG'B2@V6f"F2F&RFRf'7Bf&FFVW&vRg&FRvfW&VBFBƖ7&WfWr2Fr6R67&6f&B&6Ɩ7ff6W f"&&DƖfRFW&F6VW2FRFVFf"w&VBFw2vFF2WrVv6F( F0W6WFǒvBWw2'&w2FR&W7BPWBFBFRWF7F2bvFW&&&B7V6W07V627&VB6GW"FBvW&P&VvrF6VVWfF&R67GVǒ&PfW'FVB( 627&6f&Bb6W'6RV6rWrƖ72PFsWGFrBF7F2FW"B&V0F&R6VVvWFW"F2Ɩ7&Vǒv&PVf&6VBvFVVv&vW"F&W6W'fR6( 0&VrVFfG2WfW'FVW72BF27FvRFW&R2&V6FFFBVVFFvBVFRWrƖ72667FV@vFFRvWfV&WF&2b&W6FVB@FR&V6VB7G&VwFVrbVf&VF&VwVF2BF27FvRBvVB&R6W&Ɨ6F6FrFW"F( vVFR6( S