BirdLife: The Magazine Apr-Jun 2018 - Page 5

REGULARS 3 editorial 30 scientific insight Flamin-goals Exploring the African Galapagos Alex Dale Jessica Law 10 12 6 AROUND THE PARTNERSHIP The latest news from every region 33 irreplaceable Flamingo Factory stays in business Margaret Sessa-Hawkins 8 one to watch Rhinoceros Hornbill 34 the interview It all starts with a single step… Shaun Hurrell 10 irreplaceable Gediz Delta Turkey 38 preventing extinctions Clones vs Drones 60 bird conservation international Jessica Law Stopovers and bottlenecks in Central and South America 42 nature & culture Salt of the Earth 62 seven questions with… Alanna Smith, Miss Cook Islands 2017 Shaun Hurrell 16 42 46 forests of hope Eat chocolate, save a rainforest Katie Sims cover story 50 tackling invasives Alien Plant Invaders 12 year of the bird Alex Dale Year of the Bird Margaret Sessa-Hawkins 54 meet the partner Calidris, Colombia 16 YEAR OF THE BIRD Alex Dale Bird Your World: 12 steps you can take to make the world better for birds 58 flyways China pull the plug on wetland drainage Jessica Law Terry Townshend 46 58 22 flyways SUMMIT When the going gets tough… Shaun Hurrell 26 birdfair 2018 The Pink Park James Lowen apr-jun 2018 • birdlife 5