BirdLife: The Magazine Apr-Jun 2018 - Page 36

the interview Barba Azul Reserve in Bolivia RUNNING SOUTH AMERICA IN NUMBERS B i g g e s t 7 - d ay p e r i o d 192 miles / 309 KM R u n n i n g b a r e f o o t killed for their feathers. We had a common message: that with small steps we can tackle seemingly insurmountable hurdles – it’s the same for saving a Critically Endangered species. We saw it as a way to reach people. I bet in some of the poorer communities you visited conservation is quite low down on their list of priorities… Our home-made bamboo and recycled bicycle trailer helped make our expedition more tangible. People were fascinated. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America, and yet nearly everyday people gave us something: drinks, a grapefruit from a sack carried on a family motorbike. When we went to schools, people could see that we thought nature important enough to run an entire continent. It was amazing to see how far Armonía’s message had permeated – about the need to protect the Blue-throated Macaw – into some of the most remote communities we visited. Hang on… after running more than a marathon, you had enough energy to give Sleeping in a Lenga Forest by the roadside in Southern Chile 32.4 % B i rd s p e c i e s r e c o rd e d 453 I n d i v i d u a l b i rd s r e c o rd e d 6,154 d i s t a n c e W a l k e d ( n o t r u n ) 12.8 % L o a d e d T r a i l e r w e i g h t M i n / M a x 50 KG / 140 KG Nature classes in Chile people an ecology lesson in Spanish? Yes… just. We were exhausted after making camp, or fixing the trailer, researching, blogging. We printed photos of local wildlife, handed around feathers, drew games on our tarp, with quizzes about the roles and functions of the animals that communities co-existed with. One girl pulled us aside and asked what our macaws and parrots were like in our own country! And their eyes widened to saucers when we talked about how much we liked spiders and ‘creepy crawlies’, and how even they were important. Talking to schools was one of the best parts of the expedition – we learnt so much. You can’t хѡЁЁѡձɄ)չˊԁݥٕ́́ݕ)%ѡɕ饹ݥݡݔՅ)ѡѕЁٕȁѡѽ$͕ͬqݡ)ɔݔѡ͔Ёչw Ёݡ)ݔݔͅ܁ͼ̸]ͅ)͕ٕ́́aɅ͕ӊdѽх)ݔչѕɱ䁽ɐȁٕ䁵Ʌ)ѥձɱ䁙ɥѕ)%YՕɕոѡ5)ݔɐո́͡ЁЁѡ)Ʌɕи]Ʌѕոѡɱ)̰ѕɥѡЁɅ䤰)ȁ́ѡɕ́ȁɅȰո)Ʌѡ́ѼѼѡѥ)ɕ́́ե䁅́ͥͼɥ)ՅȁչѥхȁͥȁѕЁи)=ѡ齸ݡɅєȁ)ݔٕѕѱѕѼˊe)%Ё݅́еɕѼ͕ѡͥ)ѡɕ́ѡݕɔٕѥ ЁЁ)ѡɽ՝ѡոݔɅ͔݅ɕ́)ѡ͔Ʌɑݥɹ̸͕()ɑȵո