BirdLife: The Magazine Apr-Jun 2018 - Page 32

Scientific insight unknown areas, and the Sao Tome Grosbeak’s range was found to be more than twice the size of what had previously been assumed. On the other hand, the home ranges of the Newton’s Fiscal and the Dwarf Olive Ibis were only half the size previously estimated. Despite these restricted ranges, the population sizes of all three birds are likely to be larger than what has long been assumed. In particular, surveyors noticed that the sightings of Sao Tome Grosbeak varied wildly between seasons, implying that the scarcity of sightings outside the breeding season might be due to its shyness, and not necessarily due to a very low population size. This once merited suggestions that the Newton’s Fiscal and São Tomé Grosbeak be downlisted to Endangered in the near future. However, while the 2016 Red List update revised its population size estimates to take this study in account, the species still met the criteria to be listed as Critically Endangered. The team braved weather, treacherous terrain and snakes during the expedition Photo Hugo Sampaio 4 Grey Parrot Psittacus erithacus Photo Hugo Sampaio 7 Overall, the three birds’ home ranges fell mainly within the São Tomé Obô Natural Park – good news, in that conserving the park will conserve the birds. But sadly, it isn’t that simple. Dwarf Olive Ibis were found to I B A / K B A FA C T São Tom é low l a n d for e sts Location: Atlantic Ocean, off the West Coast of central Africa Type: Lowland primary evergreen forest and montane forest Size: 13,000 hectares Trigger species: Sao Tome Grosbeak, Dwarf Ibis, Newton’s Fiscal 32 F I LE What is it like? The area is relatively inaccessible to humans and contains a wealth of large, old-growth native trees: the perfect refuge for the island’s endemic birds. Any threats? Some coastal areas now contain secondary, degraded forest due to historic clearance for plantations. Villagers may venture into the forest to hunt Dwarf Ibis. What is being done? The IBA falls within Obo Natural Park, a protected area, although the zone is not yet well- enforced. Further rese ɍ́)Ѽ͍ٕȁѡЁمͥٔ)̸)Ʌєѡ͕ٕ́ɽչѡͽѠݕ)ѡɬLݡչչѕ䰁́)ѡЁͥɕ̰хɝѕ)ٕиȁхѥ)ɕѱ䁉ɽՍѡɕ́չ)ٕɕѕȁȁɽѡɽͅ)ɝɽɥQ̰ѽѡ%ϊd)ѡȁɽ̰́ѡ͕́́́ЁѼ)ɕ͕مѥɥɥ)ѡɕ́ݕɔչѼɕȁѥٔ)ɕЃLͼͥɱ䰁ѡ́х)չѽՍ́ѡЁ݅Ѽ͕ٔѡ͔)ɑ̸ Ё܁ЁѼЁ)QЁѕѡՑݥѼѕɵ)܁مͥٔ́Ս́ѡ55) ɍѡ́ɥ ٕЁ ٕѥѥ)ٕф IЁÍɅ́ Ʉ)9Սɔѥȁѡɕ)ɑ̸́ѡEեаȁᅵ)ѕəɔݥѠѡɑϊdչѥ䁽Սѥ)ѡɕЁչѽ%ѥѼمͥٔ)̰ѡЁչѥ)ѥɕЁɽՍ́Ս́ѥȁ)ɍͼ́Ѽ͕͕)=ѡéȁхLѡɔѡ͔)͍ѥ́́ѡOQ)=Ё9ɅAɬѥٕ) Ёѡ՝ѡɕ́ɕ͕)ɍЁ́ɕѱݕՔѼх)ѥхѥ̃Lѡ͔+q%ѡ́ɕ́չՔٕͥ䁥)ѼɽѕѕݔѼ́)ѡչ́ȁɥɽ́ɍЁ)ٕɽɅѼɔѡɯe)ɕɥѥ́ɔɕt́ͅIɑ)OQ%ͱ́ѡɽ)ѥѥ́ͼȸ1ӊéЁѡЁ݅)ɑȵո