BirdLife: The Magazine Apr-Jun 2018 - Page 3

EDITORIAL p. 33 just how hot does lake natron get? Flamin-goals The idiom ‘stop the press’ conjures some very industrial mental imagery. Of someone pushing a giant, creaky lever, causing a bustling conveyor belt to grind to a halt. Alas, in 2018, the reality is somewhat more sterile – a few apologetic emails here and there, and some tweaks to the Google Calendar. Nevertheless, it’s still a nuclear option that should only be deployed when absolutely necessary – and the last-gasp news of the closure of the soda ash plant threatening Tanzania’s ‘Flamingo Factory’, Lake Natron [p. 33] fits that bill. We’ve waited ten years to hear this news – the magazine could wait another day. It’s a red letter month – or should that be pink letter month – for conservation. Across the ocean, another crucial site for flamingos, Mar Chiquita, is poised to become Argentina’s largest National Park [p. 26]. But while lobbying governments is important, so is ensuring we all do our part to make the world a better place for birds – no matter how small. Which is why, as part of our ongoing Year of the Bird campaign, we’re outlining 12 small, but substantial, steps everyone can take [p. 16]. Enjoy the issue, Alex Dale, Editor Contributors to this issue terry townshend A British birder living and working in China, Terry is the founder of Birding Beijing, a website dedicated to celebrating the birds of the vast Asian country’s capital city. On page 58, Terry reports on the fantastic news that China has decided to halt coastal land reclamation in the South China Sea. apr-jun 2018 • birdlife katie sims What if we told you that you could save a rainforest by eating a chocolate bar? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s becoming a reality thanks to an innovative project from our UK Partner, RSPB. Katie is the Gola Rainforest Cocoa Project Manager – sink your teeth into her report on page 46. hannah wheatley Hannah is an integral part of BirdLife’s Red List team, which consults bird experts across the globe to make sure we have the most up-to-date information about bird species. Every issue, she runs down the headline findings from our journal, BCI – flip to page 60 for more. 3