BirdLife: The Magazine Apr-Jun 2018 - Page 23

Caring for Coasts: crucial wetlands for waterbirds Conserving critical networks of coastal wetlands for migratory waterbirds Nicola Crockford, Principal Policy Officer, RSPB (BirdLife in the UK) Migratory birds fly a thin line between survival and exhaustion, reliant on crucial coastal wetlands to rest and refuel. But these sites (and groups of birds) are under threat like never before: from land claim, pollution, upstream damming, alien invasive species and sea level rise. The re-planning (in response to climate change) and conservation of these sites is hampered by the fragmentation of governance of the coastal zone, so we need a coherent international policy framework for coastal conservation. Each flyway’s network of coastal IBAs must be urgently protected and restored, and the business sector must be engaged. Key partner: Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, Convention on Migratory Species (CMS), Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) One big plan of action to save vultures Implementing the Vulture Multi-species Action Plan (CMS MsAP) Roger Safford, BirdLife’s Preventing Extinctions Programme Manager these wide-ranging birds encounter the threats over huge areas. The conservation challenge is immense, requiring innovation, collaboration and hard work acr 72VF&RG66W2fF7FW2&VVFRFF#pbFR424'WBB2FRFGW&F2BFW"2FgW'FW"7FFRgVGW&W2bg&6BWW&6&P7&62FW6R62V7VrW&W0fRWG&&F'fVR2GW&^( 0G66R6VW'2'WBFWf6RFVFr&vRbF&VG2( 2ǐg&6r( 2'WB66Ɨ60BVV7G&7WFvFVW&wg&7G'V7GW&RB72BFVw&FFbFV"&FG2BfB7WƖW2FW6RF&VG2&RFVW&FVB@6BV6ǒ6VFW&VB&VfW"W'FW#6fVF֖w&F'7V6W242VvvrfǗv2FFRVW&w6V7F 7G&V֖rfǗv66W'fFvFv@VW&wBvW"G&6֗766V7F'06&ƖR'WGB&&DƖf^( 2'W6W72bGW&R'FW'62vW#@VRVV&&DƖf^( 2VBbƖ7vR&&DƖfR7W'G2FRG&6Fg&F'Gf76gVV2F6V&VWv&RVW&w&&FVǒЧ6VB"W&FVBvBGW&&W2@vW&ƖW26W6R֖w&F'&&G0FFR'6Ɨ6"VV7G&7WFFR6F2bWrBW7Fpg&7G'V7GW&RW7B&R6&VgVǐ66FW&VBvF&&FR6fVwV&G0BV7W&W2FVw&FVBFFP"֧V#( "&&FƖfPVW&w6V7F"vRvW&RFP766FVB77VW2BFVFg&7F66WF2f"'W6W72vfW&VG26fVF2B6f66WG&FW F66VW&FR&w&W72Fv&G26WFFBv&2f"शW'FW'342VW&wF6f&6R6fVF&v6FfW'6G4$B#