BirdLife: The Magazine Apr-Jun 2018 - Page 15

migratory birds, and National Geographic Society grants will be awarded throughout 2018 for the purpose of filling critical knowledge gaps on migratory species. Which is why National Geographic has partnered not only with BirdLife, Audubon and Cornell, in addition to over 200 other environmental NGOs from all around the world (and growing) – including numerous BirdLife Partners. “This is an effort to rally large-scale public support for protecting birds and places they need to survive,” says Yarnold. “Year of the Bird partners will be advocating ways anyone can help support the lives of birds— even small things can help.” In that vein, one of the key features of Year of the Bird is encouraging people to engage in small monthly actions, or ‘pledges’, that everyone can take to protect birds, via a dedicated web portal at www.birdyourworld. org. These pledges are designed to be simple, cheap and doable by all. February’s action, for example, invited nature lovers to take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count, while March’s call to action was to plant native species in your backyard or patio. The idea is to take the love people already feel for migratory birds, and turn it into small, but meaningful and concrete actions which make the environment better for birds. “Everybody notices when migratory birds come back,” says Vicky Jones, BirdLife International’s Flyways Science Coordinator, of the connection people feel towards these birds. “They come back to the same places. They mark apr-jun 2018 • birdlife Throughout 2018, WfW'77VRbFvVw&2vfVGW&R7F'&WB&&G27V&V7G0FV6VBW6VFPf6'FR7F'b&&G0BFR6V&&B7&62@6F7&R@66FvR6FV60F7&V&&p6vW2FR6V62"6W'F'G2bFPV"f"VR( Ф&VGFRV"bFR&&B26VV6P7V66W72fV''V'( 26F'F6FRFPw&VB&6&B&&B6VBf"WRv0WBvF&W6VFr&W76R( F226FV66V6R&V7BFBV&W2VR&VBFRv&BF&W'BvB&&G2FW&P6VVrv6GW&7&VFW2v&66@bW"&&G26fW"FRvR6G&6rvVFW( &RFr( 62G"֗6RF&V7F b6V6F2B6&V&&F'b&Fw( F2V"vRB&V6&BЦ'&Vr6VB'F6G27V&֗GFVBsbÓP6V6Ɨ7G2fW"F2BFW6VFVBb37V6W2v62VVvVRF氦&WBFRv&Bfr&Vvǒ7V6W0BVR6V7FfVǒ6VFrb`FV( ФƖvBb&V6VBFWfVVG2&( 27Fগ2F&FV7B֖w&F'&&G2'fFrWBv@FvW'2FWf6RB6R6WF2vR6খVVBFVW&&G26fSFR7W&PFB6VVr֖w&F'&&BWfW"&V6W2&&RWW&V6RWfVW7BfW"F2FFP&w&FVvFR7F2&VrFV&VbbV"bFR&&BffW"R( ėN( 2&Vǒ7&rFB&RF#G'VǐFfW'6R&v旦F2fRVBFRV"bFP&&B( 626R( ėBW2R&VƗRrV67W'BFW&R2f"&&G2FRv&BBpvVvR'&rW"f6W2FvWFW"&V`b&&G2vR6&Vǒ7&R&RVRFFR7FBFV( УP