BioVoice News July 2016 Issue 3 Volume 1 - Page 33

Facebook turns career mentor With more than 3100 members and growing, the PhD Career Support Group (CSG) despite dwindling academic job market, is trying to utilize the years of hard work and channelize it in a positive manner. Irrespective of global position of the members, CSG is a place where members can make excellent professional connections, which can be extremely helpful as they progress through your Ph.D. or post-PhD career. “When I realized that PhDs from developing countries have no clear idea about post Ph.D careers, I decided to create an awareness platform bringing in my friends from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore network in a social media platform. That was the genesis of the CSG,” says the founder, Dr Ananda Ghosh, adding further, “The primary aim of this group is to build network among scientists and engineers and entrepreneurs. In a highly competitive world, the network becomes extremely important to determine one's career growth. Not only careers but an emotional support system is also extremely crucial in a world where the dynamics of life changes very fast.” However, make no mistake as this forum is not just another chit chat room. Founders are very clear about the objectives. “This is not a forum to just be a part of as a silent spectator. This is not an entertainment platform. The active members engage in discussions, share their resources, helping us make a vibrant community of professional PhDs which will eventually give back to the society,” says Dr Ghosh. PhD CSG depends on its “Scientists are learning to value communication with each other and with the lay public through the pathbreaking efforts of organizations like ClubSciWri and CSG. Kudos to them on their first anniversary” -- Prof K Vijayraghavan Secretary, Department of Biotechnology “Sharing of latest science and technology devel