Biotech 2nd Edition Sample Ch. 4 Biotechnology Sample Ch. 4 - Page 33

Figure 4.23.  Electron micrograph of a cluster of E. Coli bacteria. Each individual bacterium is oblong shaped. 10,000X Photo by Thinking Like a Biotechnician Data Analysis/Conclusion Do the cells in the culture appear to be Gram– bacilli? Give evidence for your answer. Describe the issues that make it difficult to distinguish tiny bacteria cells through microscopy and Gram staining. 1. Why is it important to have a “Fix” step (2g)? What would happen if you didn’t “fix” the sample? 2. When viewing the cells on 1000X, all the cells look melted together and their shape is impossible to distinguish. Explain what may have happened to the cells to change their shape. 98 Chapter 4   Laboratory Manual