Biotech 2nd Edition Sample Ch. 4 Biotechnology Sample Ch. 4 - Page 28

Part III: Running the Samples 10. After loading the samples, quickly connect the electrodes to the power supply (red to red, black to black) and run the gel at 110 V, about 65 mA, for 45 to 60 minutes for a TAE gel or at 300V (about 100 mA) for about 12 minutes for a LB gel, until the front loading dye is twothirds of the way down the gel. Make sure the gel box is conducting electricity. There should be a minimum of 60 mAmp of current, and it should be bubbling at the electrodes. Observe safety precautions for using the gel box and power supply; be sure to turn the power supply off when connecting and disconnecting the electrodes. 11. When the gel has run long enough that the loading dye bands are past the middle of the gel, turn off the power supply and move the gel into a staining tray. The instructor will cover the gel with just enough DNA stain to submerge t