BioSpectrum India Magazine November issue BioSpectrum India Magazine - Page 50

50 SUPPLIER NEWS l BioSpectrum | November 2017 | Synaptive Medical introduces new surgical robotic device Synaptive Medical has introduced its second-generation, high-powered Modus V digital microscope that has a robotic arm to aid neurosurgery. Modus V is based on Canadarm technology used at the International Space Station and is part of the firm’s integrated BrightMatter platform. The new device is intended to allow an enhanced view of patient anatomy, which enables surgeons to perform accurate and less invasive procedures, leading to fast recovery times and decreased complications. With advanced instrument tracking and auto-focus, the device facilitates hands-free control and increased surgical efficiency. BrightMatter is designed to provide a fully integrated platform for surgical planning, patient data collection, and intraoperative vision through navigation, robotic automation, digital microscopy, and data analytics. The device features improved flexibility to allow coverage of more space and versatile positioning, while its smaller unit footprint enables rapid deployment. GE Healthcare opens its European 3D design centre GE Healthcare has opened a 3D printing lab in Uppsala, Sweden, which will use technologies including 3D printing and robotics to speed up the launch of healthcare products. The centre combines advanced manufacturing technology, such as metal and polymer printers and collaborative robots, with traditional machining equipment. The centre in Uppsala joins GE Healthcare’s other advanced manufacturing and engineering centre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The two will collaborate, sharing knowledge and working on new design ideas. Additive Manufacturing or 3-D printing, works by printing layers of material on top of each other following a digital 3D model. This process makes it less wasteful than traditional subtractive manufacturing in which material is machined off from a material blank to make the final product. A key to realising the advantages of 3D printing is to ensure the technology is considered from the start of a product design, and the new lab will design, test and produce 3D-printed parts for GE Healthcare products and prepare for final transfer to manufacturing. Thermo Fisher collaborates with Synthego Synthego, a leading provider of genome engineering solutions, announced a new alignment with Thermo Fisher Scientific to manufacture and distribute world- class quality synthetic guide RNA products. Synthego’s synthetic guide RNA portfolio and industry-leading synthetic guide RNA manufacturing capabilities will be utilized to produce synthetic guide RNAs under Thermo Fisher’s Invitrogen TrueGuide brand that will be marketed and sold across Thermo Fisher channels worldwide. In use by leading commercial and academic institutions in over 32 countries, Synthego’s synthetic guide RNAs achieve up to 90 per cent editing efficiency, and have one of the lowest costs and turnaround times in the industry. Synthego currently sells its products online and through its direct salesforce. By providing access through the global Thermo Fisher channels, Synthego rapidly scales commercial efforts across markets worldwide. Synthetic guide RNA products available under the Thermo Fisher Scientific TrueGuide brand include synthetic crRNA:tracrRNA, synthetic single guide RNA (sgRNA), and chemically modified sgRNA. The products, available for research use only and marketed under Invitrogen’s TrueGuide brand, may differ from those sold by Synthego in configuration and design. Synthego’s own products will continue to be available directly to customers.