BioSpectrum India Magazine November issue BioSpectrum India Magazine - Page 41 | November 2017 | BioSpectrum BIOTalk “We are preparing to make our direct existence in Dubai” With the mission of “BioSciences in the service of Humankind” the journey of the HiMedia Laboratories began 42 years ago. HiMedia with the vision of “Quality First” presently is catering valued clients worldwide, a broad range of sophisticated, supreme quality products at reasonable price, for excellent and accurate results. Innovation is its backbone and R&D section has been the heart of the company which comprises team of more than 100 scientists who rely on 100% captive technology and innovation that is considered essential for the changing global demands. Hence, the journey started years ago from Microbiology with barely 5 to 6 products which further expanded to Animal Cell Culture, Plant Tissue Culture, Molecular Biology, Agro-industry and so on. Today, the company has over 4,500 products in all these segments of Biosciences. With the dedicated work force around 800 of all sections, we are proud to share that HiMedia is generating sales revenue over Rs 500 crore. In an interaction with BioSpectrum India, Dr G M Warke, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, HiMedia Laboratories shared his plans on taking the company to the next level. Your products are available in over 140 countries. But you have direct presence with offices in USA, Canada and Germany. Are you looking at expanding your direct presence in other counties as well? Of course, we are aggressively growing industry and would like to expand internationally. At present, we have our own warehouse in USA and Germany to deliver the products to USA, Canada, Europe and other « Dr G M Warke Founde Z\X[ X[Y[\X܋SYYXHXܘ]ܚY\”  ][XZBZYܚ[ˈH\HY\H]\X[ݙ\Y[\\XY\܈[[ٙX\[\XK[ܙ\\X\X[YX\[[][\XKHX^H\H\XHYH^[ B\H[\\[XZH\\X^\[H[[Y\X\XZHX[]\ZYHX\[YX[[Y\˂[HYHHX\]܈\XHXYX˜[\H[HY[ۈ[[[ٙXH[BY[ۏ•H\H[XYH\X\Y\H[[X[B[Y\ZH[KX[^\XK[\ܙK[\[\˜[Z[[ ۜY\[[ܛ[\\HY\[X[KH\H[[[\\Z\H[[KYHوH][Y\ZBX[^\XK[\ܙK[\[\[Z[[\XY\܈[[X[YX\[[]قXYH\\YYYXH[Z\[Y\\\H\›X\]H[X[܈SYYXHXˈ[\[[\ؘ[[X[ H[ZH[\ܙH]Z[[[[\[\]\X\H[Y\˂SYYXH\Y[\Z[X›X[B[\Y\›ZB\XX]]X[ YܚX[\K]\H[\Y[][ۋ[\ۛY[[ []\^[H[]][KY]X Z\K]\[\B[[XKو\HX[H[\Y\\H[HYHYܛ܈H\[B[O\[XH\XۙX܈HH\ݙYXH[\[[ܛ[\ܝ[]Y\ق][Y[[\XX]]X[ X[\H[\K\\XH[\H\^[[][[ N L BQԋH\H[Y[^[\ܝ[[\œYY[\XX[H\Hو\Y]Y\وXYH\\Y