BioSpectrum India Magazine November issue BioSpectrum India Magazine - Page 4

Bioscience Solutions What if... … I could get more donors for my cells? … I could get expert tech support with the cells I buy? … my selfie from last night’s party gets a million “likes”? Solving Today’s Primary Cell Culture Challenges For more than 30 years, researchers have been relying on Lonza for consistent product quality and excellent support to overcome their cell culture challenges. We can’t help you get a million likes, but we can help you get cells from different donors, develop a new 3D model, or set up a co-culture. By partnering with Lonza for primary cells, you get access to: – A brand well-recognized by leading scientific journals – Over 20 donors for many cell types, including normal and diseased cells – Optimized growth media for each cell type – User-friendly protocols and publications – A scientific support team cross-trained in cells, media and 3D culture Learn the benefits of primary cells. Request a free copy of our infographic on our website. ©2017 Lonza. All trademarks belong to Lonza or its affiliates. The information contained herein is believed to be correct. No warranty is made, either expressed or implied. Skeletal Muscle Cells and Media Contact India: Lonza Pharma - Bioscience Solutions; Phone: +91 22 4342 4000; Fax: +91 22 4342 4050;