BioSpectrum India Magazine November issue BioSpectrum India Magazine - Page 35 | November 2017 | BioSpectrum What are the challenges do you see in the years? Despite the strong growth of the Indian medical technology market in the last few years, the industry is plagued by low penetration. Since most of the country’ population cannot afford to pay for healthcare, providers in turn pay careful attention to costs in making their purchasing decisions. For instance, while big hospitals in Tier I cities are typically driven by quality while purchasing medical devices and equipments, most smaller hospitals, particularly those in Tier II and III cities and rural areas, opt for cheaper products. What kind of the support the government is providing for the industry and what do you expect from the government? In January last year, the Government announced the first fiscal policy to support the Indian manufacturing by withdrawing Concessional Duty for few devices and nearly 30 per cent of the devices were relieved. Same kind of benefits should be given to IVD and Implantable Medical Devices. There is no need to have zero percent customs duty on any medical device, equipment or consumables as this will kill Make in India initiative by both MNCs and domestic companies. There are hidden costs involved in manufacturing medical devices and placing the diagnostic devices/ reagents at 18% increases the procurement cost which results in increase the billing amount to the patients. It is important for both the State and the Central Government authorities to understand the problems faced by domestic manufacturers at the ground level [ݚYHYXH[YHܚ[]]H[X[YX\[[]X]]\ˈH[X\\B]YX[\\H\\[^\B]]ܚ]Y\YH[\H]H\Y\\Z[˜]^HH[\ܜ[ܛ[\\XKXܙ[[H][HH[\XووYYX[XH[\O[[X[[X][ۈو[H^\[ۙH[YܛB^X\\H^Hو[\[\[H[KB[X[X[\H[\H\ۙHوHXZ܈Xܜ]\X][Y\[[\[ B^[]\HۈX[\H[ܙX\\\[\B][Y\H^\ˈ[[\ݙ\H\][ۘ[YXY[HH][ۘ[^[H\HZ[][Y[\\Hو\[H\XX]]X[[\K\[Y]Z[HXܝYH\HX[B[Hݙ\[وXK\[KBXX[XX[\H[\]Z\Y[X\B[\ܝY[XHHHX[\HX܈\H\B[[˜H[][]\H[HHX[YX\\[[XH[ܙX\HH[X[وZ\X]H]BYHX\\[H[\ܝYHXY [Yݙ\Y[\[[YYX[\\H[][\܈X[\HX܂][[[Y[و][ۘ[X[XB M[[XH۝[YH[\ܝYYX[XY\ˈXܙ[[H\[HY\Y•H8&XZH[[Xx&H[\ZYۈ[ݙHHBXZ܈ۈHYYX[XH[\K]\[  N \[وHYYX[\]Z\Y[\Y[[XH\H[\ܝY ]Hݙ\Y[[[H[X[X[YX\\H[YۚYX[H[™ۈH[\ܝ\[[H\XHYX[BX[\Hˈ]\[H[[ݘ][ۂ[\Hو[X[X[YX\YYYXXݙ\Y[ XHXZ\YY\ܝ[XZHY\[X[XY\܈HY\X›X[YX\\˂]\H[\Y]ۈ[\ܝوYYX[]X\Z[[\ܝYH[O•Y[\HYYX[]X\[\H\Y[ۈH\H\]HH][۸&\XۛZXۋ][]\]X[ZY \[HXˈ[X[X[YX\[\[Y\\H[XH\]H][\HܚY[YYX[]X\[XY[X]\HقH\Hو[[]\^HXZ]HH[\B\X\Y[\H[ݘ]]H[[[XY[XKY\X[\H[]HHXHو MIBY\[X[X[܈[X[ܚY[YYX[]X\˜[XY[˂H[X[YYX[]X\[U[\H\˜]HܛY YHݙ\Y[\\]BH\Yܝ\Y[ݚYH\YX[ۂ[Y\[X[X\]X\Y\X[BX[YX\YX[XH[۝[YH[XZ[[\ܝ\[[[Y\XX[YX\[[[XZ[ۙ[Yݙ\\[\][\]\B]˂[HYH\]][ۈ]Y[[X[[[\H^Y\[YYX[]X\XHX\][XH[[H]HH[HHBؘ[X[YX\[\[][ۈ܈YYX[]X\˂][H\^HZXYوH\HYHHۙX]Bݙ\Y[XY\܈Y\XX[YX\\܂ݙ\YHXY\ˈ[XH\]\BܙX][HYX\[H܈Y\X›X[YX\[وYYX[]X\܈Y\X˜[S\[Y\][YH[[\[Y[][ۂوXY\[[Y]ܚ˂