BioSpectrum India Magazine November issue BioSpectrum India Magazine - Page 16

16 COMPANY NEWS l BioSpectrum | November 2017 | Intas Pharma slashes cancer drug prices Suven gets product patent from India and Japan Drug firm Suven Life Sciences has been granted a patent each by India and Japan for a drug used in the treatment of neuro- degenerative diseases. Suven has been granted one product patent from India and one product patent from Japan corresponding to the New Chemical Entities (NCEs) for the treatment of disorders associated with neurodegenerative diseases. The patents are valid till 2027 and 2032, respectively. The granted claims of the patents are being developed as therapeutic agents and are useful in the treatment of cognitive impairment associated with neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficient hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s and Schizophrenia. The company is very pleased by the grant of these patents for the pipeline of molecules in CNS (central \\\[JH\[H]\HZ[][Y܂ۚ]]H\ܙ\]Y[Y]YYX[YY]YHX\][X[ؘ[K[\\XX]]X[\˜[[Y]][]ۈBX\و]X^[XXYH \[ H\[H]\]][[[YYH\H\ق[\]Y[[[XH܈BHY\]وXX[[˂H[\\XH\\H\›XY] KNMH܈BH[و Y\X[ XXZ\] \[\[H\[H]Z[XH[ۜܝX]ۙHZ ]\HYX\ݙ\][Z]Y[YHYH\[\\\و[\[[XK]X^[XXۈBܛو]\[[\\Y[X][][\H[\›ZHܙX[ ݘ\X[\X[ [[X\[[؛\XH B\HوZ[[[\KHY\˜Y[]Z[XH[[XH[H ]H\X]]H[]Y[ˈ[\\XH\Y[ܛ[]H \[QԂݙ\H\]HYX\][][ۙ\ٚ]ܛ [Y L[HY\XX\] B\[H\ۙHوH]H[B[X[ۚX\\H]YܞK]\XH[TB^[[ۈ][ܙH[\Y[Y\XY X\Y]\XB\[[^[]X]B\XX]]X[[ܙYY[ TJB[[\YYX]\X[YX\[™X[]H[[Z[YKB\[H\[][\[[]^\[X[]K[\][\\X H\[H[B[\[\[ L ܛܙH[Y][ۈH^\[[\Y[و ܛܙH[HX[]BX[YX\H M[\ZYۂX]H[YK]و TBX[X]]K]HX[ۈ\X]Hو ̂ۜ\[[HH^\[œX[ۈ\X]Hو ۜ\[[KHY^[[ۈ\[H[[[Xܛ L MX\\X\[\[ۈوH\[KHY^[[ۈ\™^XY[H[؜[H[ [Y[^\[Y L\X[ L [\X؜ˈHYX[HX[YX\YۈH\\قݙ[XY\H[Z\B[]]Hۜ[[™܈H YYX]H[[\ۛY[[HY[HXX\]YY H\[H\THX[YX\[X[]Y\ۙB[YZYYH[YK[\YB\X [[[H[H\[X[[K[Z[YKBX[[H[\X[YX\[\[\]XT\[[XKX\YX