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10 BIOMail BioSpectrum | November 2017 | Vol 15; Issue 10; October 2017 FDA fee hike I have been going through a lot of articles related to the recent move made by the USFDA. The fee hike step is creating a huge buzz in the Indian pharma sector. Do write more for updates. - Ranjit Arora, Chandigarh I enjoyed reading Dr Soumya Swaminathan’s interview. Her recent elevation to WHO reflects on the growing importance of India in global health diplomacy. A proud moment indeed! - Rohit Denakar, Indore Publisher and Managing Editor: Vijay Thombre Editorial: Chief Editor: Milind Kokje Executive Editor: Srinivas Rasoor General Manager Content Creation and Coordination: Narayan Kulkarni Content Team: Bengaluru: Dr Manbeena Chawla Delhi: Nitin Konde, Kalyani Sharma Mumbai: Prapti Shah Chief Financial Officer: Manasee Kurlekar Production & Design: MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications Anil Walunj Sales and Marketing: General Manager- Sales: Delhi: Vikas Monga Sr. Executive- Marketing and Sales Sayali Damle Consultant, Global Market Development: Kavita Pote Content Creation and Coordination: Priyanka Bajpai Circulation, Subscription and Media Enquiry: Asmita Thakar Recent amendments in the regulatory framework will surely have a significant impact on streamlining the clinical trial review process in our country. - Dr Arti Bhatt, Bengaluru Destination India India on a high Vol 15; Issue 11; November 2017 Clinical developments It is heartening to read that India is globally recognized as an attractive destination for conducting clinical trials. But surely more work needs to be done with respect to the regulatory environment in our country. - Ashima Dwivedi, New Delhi MM Activ Sci-Tech Communications Bengaluru Alok Srivastava Regional Sales Manager (South) #9, UNI Building, Thimmaiah Road, Millers Tank Bund, Vasanthnagar, Bengaluru - 560 052 Tel.: +91-80-41131912/13 New Delhi Rajeev Ranjan Assistant Manager- Sales (N ܝ BL LL ]\BHX\ۛ]YXK][H H LL B[ Έ LH LH M œZY][[X]B][XZB^X[H[[B܋^X]]KHX\][[[\ŒMM[X[\Y[][X\ZXܘ[Z\X\X\[\H^X\][XZH H  B[ Έ LH  L B^X[K[[PX]HY\XYH]\B] KZH\Z\H\Y[K[ٚY[۞KYY[Y]B[YKY\XY ML MK[[[H]B[؎ LHL MLM[B[][\[[܈^X]]B\\Y  ͋K̋˓ˈ [\\X\[و\K[\Y [KH LL B[ Έ LH  ̎H M͎B[] [\X]B[ZH \[Bܚ\H[X\XY]\\[\[\K \܋ZZH]\[[[[\BY[HY \[]\K\[Z[[K\[K[ B[ LH   NM“[؎ LHML  BY\X[\Hܘ]\ ݚ[\\Y[[\Y\]X\KY\ H  L[ LKMLLMMH B[Y[X\YBZ^HXHۈZ[قSHX]KUX[][X][ۜ[Y]X[Hٙ]  ]X[H\]BZ[[\[۞K\[[K[H H LL [ LH  M MMSTUSӐS[\ܙBSHX][\ܙHK \YHX[BX[Y\YZ[ [\\ܝM L YY][KHܝYHY [\ܙH H MLM[ ͍KM͎LM ^͍KM͎LM B\YKX[PX]BTB\YH[[[YYXH\\[]]B][HYYXH[ˋ X\H\^KZ]H K]\[]HMMHTB[ KM MKLLMLK[XZ[[][[YYXKB]\BX\Z]YYXH\\[]]Bؘ[YYXH[\[Z]YHؙ[\ [\HK[^K H[]Y[B[ J L N MMM‘K[XZ[X\ Z]ؘ[YYX\[\˘˝Z•SΈ MMML BX\YH\\Y  ͋K̋˓ˈ [\\X\[و\K[\Y [KH LL K[ Έ LH  ̎H M͎BX]N˘[X[Z[XK