BimROCK Magazine Issue #7 HE - Page 57

“I don’t know if Errol Barrow would wear something like what I am wearing right now,” he says of his powder blue waistcoat, matching slacks and navy blue long-sleeved button-down. “But there is also that kind of an international influence, where you would see something from a fashion show in Italy, like a really nice red double-breasted linen suit and think: ‘how can I project that in the Caribbean in a way that is breathable and looks good?’” To Thine own self… As a “big guy,” Jonathan’s style has developed out of necessity, since it was hard to find clothes that fit well. Before he could afford bright, bold tailored suits and unique accessories, he relied on the basics: a classic pair of jeans, a well-cut button-down shirt and a good pair of leather shoes. He believes that “normal-sized guys” have no reason not to look good if they are interested in style, and pointed out that there are places where affordable style could easily be found. There is also no reason that Caribbean men, especially those in leadership positions, could not be a bit more expressive with their clothing choices. Jonathan adds: “I would love to see our politicians and our business leaders be more adventurous and set the trend for the confident Caribbean man for the next generation.” This savvy also privileges the notion that functional pieces can also serve as reflections of Caribbean artistic flair: “If you have to wear a suit, why not wear a great suit? If you have to create a flyer, why not create a beautiful flyer? I think we ju