BimROCK Magazine Issue #7 HE - Page 42

dane SADDLER Written By: Tyler Williams Photography : Rachelle Gray “I wanted to make a man’s meal that will keep you going just like our grandparents used to back in day, but with a modern twist that appeals to the foodies.” – Chef Dane Saddler W HEN WE THINK ABOUT THE QUINTESSENTIAL CARIBBEAN MAN, HE’S OBSESSED WITH SPORT, HAS A LOVE AFFAIR WITH RUM AND BEER AND A PASSIONATE PENCHANT FOR HEARTY FOOD. Thanks to this month’s feature chef, Dane Saddler, the next time you’re in the mood for something hearty you can now treat yourself to this classic fish broth with an Asian twist. With a nod to tradition, Saddler’s soup is packed with ground provisions and vegetables just like grandpa liked it. This is a time tested, classic one pot cookup. Whether you stir concrete for a living or burn gray matter to balance financial books you need nourishment. This BimROCK-rated broth is both zingy and colourful. Don’t worry if you didn’t inherit a culinary gene, this recipe is effortless even if you’re a domestic novice. 42 | BIM ROCK | FOOD ROCKs