BimROCK Magazine Issue #7 HE - Page 4

PUBLISHER’S note I believe it is important for young men to have role models to look up to. Men who are accomplished in whatever field they work in and can now advise the future generations. More importantly, I believe that as men, we should live the kind of lives that would make us eligible to be mentors. I have had a few mentors to whom I own so much. Mark Foster comes to mind. He introduced me to the video business when I was studying in Jamaica and offered me my first paid job as a videographer on the set of the Island Rockers TV show. Wayne Jordan is another mentor of mine. He thought me English Literature at The St. Michael School and was the first published author I had ever met. At that time he was writing novels for BET/Arabesque publishers. I consider him a true inspiration. There are many more mentors I could name but I turn my focus now to the men we have featured in this issue. Each of them a friend whether I knew them for years or met them in the production of this publication. I cherish knowing each of them as they all inspire me to reach for greatness. I could not leave out the remarkable men I work with every day, Damien Pinder and Rodney Gittens. You both inspire and challenge me to be better and I appreciate you both. To all the men out there I say: be an inspiration to someone. We need more dynamic male role models. K.Shepherd Publisher 4 | BIM ROCK | PUBLISHER