BimROCK Magazine Issue #7 HE - Page 36

Though he is new to soca and singing he has produced two albums of poetry, Random Acts of Conscience and Hard Ears. As an evolved man he has fused traditional educational pursuits with life lessons. He may not talk about it but Green holds a MA in Communication and a BA in Advertising. From Ghana to America, South America and the Caribbean, Adrian continues to be the voice of change - an advocate in pursuit of the tenets that all our great leaders hold to be true. Adrian is more concerned with waking our collective consciousness than talking about his accomplishments and shows this in his sincerity and adherence to be the livity of which he speaks. Perhaps the controversy emerges when he speaks plainly about his Afrocentricity or colony life post-slavery. Interestingly, people line up to hear what he has to say. They approach him on the streets, backstage at shows and in the aisles at supermarkets. When you encourage people to talk hard you have to be open to receive the bitter and the sweet. We wind down our session with thoughts of home, “I can’t help but love Barbados because Barbados is who I am.” Through his commitment to himself, family, community and society, it is undisputed that he has done Barbados proud. “Barbados made me and even the things that I don’t like about Barbados, if I am introspective enough or honest enough I can see those things in myself as well. So I can’t not love Barbados because not loving Barbados would mean not loving a major part of who I am.” Adrian’s wears a custom designed mahogany ring topped with a Sankofa bird design from Black Art Studio Shop Shamane’s for necklaces, pendants and culture wear. 36 | BIM ROCK | CULTURE ROCKs