BimROCK Magazine Issue #7 HE - Page 32

“[P]eople perceive me as controversial, I do not perceive myself as controversial at all.” He is speaking of his new gig at the Nation Newspaper writing a weekly column fittingly titled Keeping It Real. The newspaper, in the rhythm of rebranding, invited Green to join its team of columnists. It’s easy to see how Adrian made the short list. “I perceive myself as very rational and reasonable, and the fact that I am perceived as controversial is to me a very controversial perception because I feel as though anything I say or believe or anything I put into my art or work, I’ve thought about it thoroughly and I can defend it. That doesn’t mean I’m right but it aint something I just pulled out my ass . . . I’ve really considered it.” In just a few weeks Green has opined on everything from not sparing his daughter the rod of correction to the death by misadventure of the Rasta youth I’Akobi Maloney and everything else in between. “I don’t think I am at all controversial. The problem is home; my culture is very conservative in many ways. Repressed culture, the culture that I came from the culture that gave birth to me . . . . So when someone says things in a public forum that really everybody is saying in private, all of a sudden that person is controversial but it wasn’t controversial when we were talking [about it] at the rum shop.” A little over ten years ago Adrian returned to Barbados after spending six years in the US studying. He was tired of the US and really wanted to be around family, friends and as he sights – his culture. “Culture is more than the arts. Culture is the way you speak, culture is the way you eat, culture is the way you think. Culture is your political system, culture is the way you raise your children. It is cultured in other words. It isn’t something you born with. You ain’t come out the womb so. You know it is something you have to learn. Pick up from your environment, from your parents, from your peers, from your elders. So all of that is cultured, those things that human beings have placed on top of who they are biologically and naturally.” Thing is, in this culture when you return home you are expected to come back with a plan. Adrian admits when he considered what he would do when he got back home, “I had no clue.” But he had direction. The development of people has been a constant theme throughout his career. At first he taught secondary school for a while, was a photographer and later joined the Free Mind Institute where he is a motivational speaker and seminar facilitator. 32 | BIM ROCK | CULTURE ROCKs