BimROCK Magazine Issue #7 HE - Page 26

MUSIC ROCKS: A lot of your music talks about relatable issues and challenges facing young Christians. What is your songwriting process like? Most of the songs I write are based on things I’ve experienced or things that I know people have gone through. I am a thinking man, so I wanted to reconcile in my mind if [Christianity] was true, because the things that the Bible speaks about are so grave . . . . I found it necessary to make certain that I knew [it was true] and that process was very difficult. [It required] lots of reading and learning. At some points it is exciting because you are reading stuff and learning and figuring out what is the truth. . . but it is a process of finding yourself and knowing who you are and knowing what you stand for is rough and the music comes out of that. MUSIC ROCKS: Tell us about your latest track, “I Will Believe”. I was just experimenting using Logic and playing around with some sounds. No words, just straight music . . . I was playing around with some stuff and I was trying to get a sound, that I felt was going somewhere. I ‘sang in some yogurt’ to get the harmonies and some of the words just started to come that same day... MUSIC ROCKS: What’s next? I am learning more and more every day and it is getting broader and broader. There is a lot that God is telling me. I have some things in my mind and I am hoping to bring out my first album, because people have been asking. What I am doing now may differ largely from what I am about to do because the things I have been seeing and thinking about are so much. It is just to get it down into one CD and kind of translate that. Leigh-Ann Worrell 26 | BIM ROCK | MUSIC ROCKs