BimROCK Magazine Issue #7 HE - Page 25

jo el BROOKS G Written By: Leigh-Ann Worrell Photography : Rachelle Gray UESSING THE NEXT NOTE OF A SONG WHILE WALKING DOWN THE BACK STEP OF HIS FAMILY HOME WAS ONE OF THE CLEAREST MEMORIES JOEL BROOKS HAS OF REALISING HIS MUSICAL TALENT. Fast forward a few years later, the multitalented man feels a tug from God make music. He ignored it for as long as he could, but the calling was too strong. The photographer/singer/songwriter/producer/ teacher now shares his passion for Christ and the joy and challenges of Christianity through soulful vocals, imprinted by striking visuals. In Joel Brooks Studios, we hear more about his Christian path, early influences and playing with sounds. MUSIC ROCKS: When did you know you could sing? I first discovered that I was musically inclined, when I was very young. If I was singing along to a song I could kind of guess what the next part was going to be . . . . In terms of performing, I started at a church camp [at Grace Bible Church] and I had some influential people in my life. My older brother [Jason Brooks] was very into music. He had a friend named Matthew [Thomas] - who people may now know as Red Star Lion - and he started a quartet with him, myself, my brother and another guy, Daniel . . . More recently I felt as though God was pushing me in the direction of music. I was doing what I usually do – photography - and I felt God pointing in a certain direction. It was three years of God telling me to do it [but] because I was bent on photography . . . hearing other things was difficult. MUSIC ROCKs | BIMROCK| 25