BimROCK Magazine Issue #7 HE - Page 12

A s his mother tells it, Justin Campbell has been in love with engines from the age of four. Captivated by the sound from a lawnmower he has surrounded himself with engines his entire life. He first drove a car at the age of seven when his father showed him how to drive a stick shift and according to him; he got it done on the first try. His father was also the one to take Justin and his older brother to Bushy Park to watch circuit racing. And at the age of 16 Justin decided that he was going to save some money and follow his dream. “I saved some money over the summer and went and bought some roll cage pipe and one evening he came down here and saw it and ask ‘What’s happening?’, and I said I’m going to start rallying and he said ‘Where you going to get the money from?’, I said I don’t know, but I got the pipe that’s one thing for sure.” After this encounter and many failed conversations regarding his dream, who would have thought that his father would kick-start his career at the age of 16 and help him purchase one of the two BMWs which he still drives to this day? “About 2 weeks after, he called me one night and said he wanted to talk to me and showed me a picture of this same car I have here...he said if you really serious about it I’m going to support you 100 percent from here . . . I was the happiest kid at 16!” Justin recounts with a laugh. Shortly after, he decided to apply for his first road event which was declined at the time. Despite feeling discouraged, he decided to go to Bushy Park where he was 12 | BIM ROCK | SPECIAL FEATURE allowed to drive. “I started racing seriously from 17 until this day and it has been very very challenging, very expensive, very disappointing, very’s been a lot of mix emotions,” a now 25 year old Justin explained. Although he has had this passion for as long as he could remember, he admitted that only this year did he begin to take his passion more seriously. “This year I had a lot of positive people surrounding me, racing is more than getting into a car and driving, you gotta be focussed and you gotta be fit and have a strong mind because you will always have disappointments.” In the just concluded Sol Rally Barbados, Justin placed second in his class and 15th overall, out of almost 100 cars to start the race. It wasn’t without its challenges however, during the first day he lost his windshield and had to finish the day wearing goggles. He did finish the Rally however, which in itself is a major accomplishment for the Campbell Racing Team. As for what’s next for Justin, he already has his eyes set on taking his dream beyond these shores. “I don’t really think my future is in Barbados. We’re granted a lot of opportunities down here, but it’s still very limiting, especially in motorsports. My dream was always to drive for an international team, that was supposed to be my job and I’m still going for that dream I’m not going to stop,” he promises. Deirdre Gittens