Billy Bowie Special Projects

SPECIAL PROJECTS LIMITED Dedicated to a Cleaner Environment CLASS 1 & 2 HGV DRIVER/OPERATORS Qualities Essential Desirable [Qualities that are essential to perform the job] [Qualities that would allow for the job to be performed at the optimum level] Qualifications [eg level of qualification in a particular academic subject or specific job-related qualifications or accreditations] Over 18 & hold a full Car Licence. Class 1 & 2 HGV Licence. Valid CPC & Digital Tachograph card. Maximum 6 points Experience [eg experience in a particular type of work, operating certain types of machinery, equipment, software etc] Excellent Driving skills & road safety knowledge. Previous experience working in a waste disposal/tankering services industry would be advantageous. Previous Knowledge or have worked with: Disab/Flexvac/Flexline Machinery General intelligence [eg level of reasoning and analytical ability, literacy and numeracy] The ability to complete record sheets & paperwork accurately. Special skills [eg presentation skills, keyboard skills] Excellent Driving skills & road safety knowledge. The ability to work alone & concentrate for long periods. Personal attributes [eg determination, dependability, personality, leadership, co-operation, flexibility, stress tolerance] Reliable & Flexible Polite manner with customers. Good Communication skills. Circumstances [e.g. special conditions applicable to the job, need to travel, work away from home, work on public holidays or evenings/weekends] Work away from home. Work all over the UK. Work Public holidays as and when required. Work weekends as and when required.