TM RIDE with  PRIDE BC: We know it's really a painful topic to revisit, but have you ever gone down ? Accidents ? BV: Yes, once due to heavy rains & landslide on a blind turn has a skid. But that did not stop me. Once I was fit and bike repaired, I was back, I was saved from serious injuries as I always was wearing all the riding gears, I never ever left any of the gears. BC: Any piece of advice do you want to give it to other riders who are starting out riding. BV: Before you start riding, you need to understand the ethics of riding & responsibility towards the society. Also need to understand the value of safety & riding gears. Post that only one should get into a biking. It's a community which you need to serve & enjoy. BC: In one line, If you want to say or quote about Riding Motorcycles. BV: Riding is all about Passion & Being Responsible. As we always say and I know it's your (BIKERS CLUB) tag line too.. "RIDE WITH PRIDE". BC: Last and not least, as a fun question - is there anything else you'd still to do on a bike ? Like a riders bucket list ? Any dream rides ? BV: Yes, many dream rides like African Odyssey, Route 66 & Ride to Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok & Sri Lanka. BIKERS CLUB: Thanks Bharat for sharing and giving us your time and views on biking. We wish you lots of adventurous & fun rides 2019 & hope you ride your dream routes soon. BHARAT VATSA: Thank you BIKERS CLUB for having me on your magazine cover and inside. + Keep riding with bikersclubapp RIDE with PRIDE