BC: Do you think, because of social media platforms many people started riding ? Or do you believe it's about coolness in riding ? Or people have really started showing passion about riding ? Or means of entertainment is changing, people prefer riding over movies and restaurants ? BV: It;s mainly about coolness in riding & passion. I have seen many riders who starts riding & stop within a couple of years.. Actual rider never stops riding. I would say because of Riders riding, other businesses have flourished. BC: What's your point of view on breaking rules in riding or disciplinary riding ? BV: Rules are meant to be followed not broken. This is for ones own safety. People those who break rules like riding without helmet, changing lanes, jumping lights or going on long rides without proper riding gears cannot be called Riders.. They cannot ever become riders as they will not know the meaning of protocols that needs to be followed and may endanger other riders life. Boys Ride Bikes, Men Rides Machines - BHARAT VATSA BC: Have you came across any wanna be riders ? BV: Yes, I have come across many females actually who really want to learn riding bikes. I in fact have been able to convert few lady bike aspirants into Lady Riders. We encourage Lady Riders. BC: "Bikers Brotherhood", do you believe in this most used and famous words in bikers community ? BV: "Biking Brotherhood" is actually to be believed & followed. I definitely believe in " Biking Brotherhood" and we do follow the brotherhood in our group. Always there to help and never leave anyone behind. The biking brotherhood is not restricted only to riders, it is to give something to the society as well. BC: What do you think about female riders aka bikernis ? Do you support them ? BV: As I mentioned earlier we encourage lady riders. I myself have been involved in teaching many females how to ride & have been able to successfully convert them into riders. Today they ride with us, no matter what terrain; be it Goa, or even Spiti-Killar Kishtwar which is supposed to be one of the most dangerous roads in the entire world. BC: Do you have any goals in biking ? If yes then share. BV: There is no goals as such. I love riding and spread awareness of wearing helmets and road safety. We keep doing many social events & support other social rides to promote social causes. BC: Do you think Riding Motorcycle has an advantage over the cagers (car commuters) ? BV: yes, Riding Motorcycle definitely has an advantage over car commuters.. but it again depends upon individual. A biker will always have plus points over car like traffic jams, enjoying nature, they get public admiration & acknowledgement, freedom, benefits of parking etc. BC: What advice do you wish you knew, when you first started out ? BV: When I first started out, I never thought riding comes along with responsibility. Late when I started biking as a biker with club, then I got to know many facts. In earlier days there was not much of exposure. Had there been more exposure, people would have been more responsible. However never late than never, people should understand their responsibilities as riders. BC: Regarding those who don't practice ATGATT (ALL THE GEARS ALL THE TIME), how do you feel about them ? Do you encourage it ? What do you think about safety measures ? BV: Safety at any point of time is always necessary, for self as well as others. We always encourage safety measures for riders. We never encourage any riders to ride without any safety gears. In case if any rider is found to be without proper riding gears, we send them back and do not allow to ride with us. BC: When do you think you'll stop riding ? Anytime soon ? BV: I am a passionate rider. Will keep riding till my age, body & mind permits. Nothing odd can stop me.