BC: Any new long distance ride are you planning ? BV: We are again planning for Leh-Ladakh this year. BC: What do you prefer SOLO ride or GROUP ride ? Why ? BV: As i mentioned I am founding member of " Knight Riderz Riding Club, Pune". We go with the club. Though I have done SOLO riding but we encourage more riders to understand & do proper riding. Many new riders wants to ride to Mekkah-Madina of bikers i.e Leh-Ladakh, hence we take them for long rides with us. BC: Most memorable ride till date and why ? Who was with you at that time ? BV: All long rides are memorable like Leh- Ladakh, Bhutan, Spiti-Killar Kishtwar. But I would name Bhutan as I did SOLO while my return to Pune. BC: Would you ride a different type of bike, i.e Cruiser if you have a Sport bike or Sport bike if you have a Cruiser ? BV: I am a cruiser biker. My current Thunderbird 500cc also has been customized into a proper cruiser bike however I may like to ride Honda Goldwing or Indian Roadmaster. BC: If you have to pick one protective gear before hitting on the road, what would it be ? Jacket, Helmet, Glove..? BV: All. We never ride a bike without gears if it's a proper outside city ride. For City rides we just go with Helmet & Gloves. BC: What's your dream bike and or next bike ? BV: My dream bike is Indian Roadmaster. BC: What type of rider do you think you are ? (Aggressive, Conservative, Point A-B) please elaborate. BV: I think I am a combination of both - aggressive as well as conservative. Aggressive because on long rides I like speed and try to cover more miles; Conservative because I like to enjoy riding, in case if there is a decided route, I like to stick to the route & reach end point.. I do not want to deviate from the decided route. BC: What made you want to ride and commit to the motorcycle lifestyle ? Any regrets ? BV: I have no regrets at all. Trying to do biking till my health & age permits.. I think I am more adaptive hence I think I am addictive to motorcycle lifestyle. I can balance between my corporate, home & motorcycle lifestyle. And I am able to because this is my passion. I live in current.. I do not think of future. BC: Do you think Riding Motorcycle brings fame ? BV: Personally I ride because I love riding. You get free of all stress & boring life. I do not think one should ride thinking that it brings fame. If one rides with this thinking then I think he / she should stop riding, he / she is not a rider according to me.